100 Facts About Me 19-24

#19 I own a red dress. It’s very … appealing. I have only worn it to Andy’s (my now ex-boyfriend) band banquet in 2008, toward the end of junior year. Let’s just say he didn’t like it as much as he loved it. ;)[1. See? I know how to get a boyfriend. I just don’t enjoy flaunting my “junk” as much as other people do. I’m what I like – and prefer – to address as real. If you don’t like the way I am without getting all dolled up, then you won’t like me at all when we are dating. -.- ]

#20 For a Klondike bar, I probably wouldn’t do anything unless I really wanted ice cream. #justsayin. Ice cream isn’t my thing, okay? Okay. Neither are sweets, whilst we are on the subject. And speaking of sweets, the world could live with less chocolate. There’s too much chocolate in the world.

#21 If you have not figured it out, I dislike chocolate. πŸ˜› Yep, yep! It’s quite sweet and just … the aftertaste stays in your mouth afterward for at least an hour  – this line makes me wonder how many of you are going to eat a piece of chocolate and test the aftertaste length. Well, if so, drink water, because that is what I do, and if you want to test out my theory, then you need to do it right. However, the aftertaste of chocolate stays in my mouth for about an hour or so – making my “theory” would be a fact because it would be something I could prove.[2. I hate science. Don’t correct me. -.- ]

#22 I would rather be less than perfect than be perfect, because being less than perfect means I would be able to still make mistakes and learn from them. If I were “perfect”, I would be boring, and I don’t see a point in being perfect because most guys I know would rather have someone who’s adequate for them than someone who is “perfect”. As long as girls are less than perfect, they are happy, because then the girl is real. Perfect is often too good to be true, so I would rather be less than perfect. Being less than perfect is my definition of being perfect.

#23 If half of the people (at least half, anyway) that I followed on Twitter were to follow me back, then I think I would be able to have some pretty awesome conversations! Then again, most of those people are @Verified accounts, so that’s so not going to happen anytime soon. -.- :/ hmf.

#24 On the next Factual Friday I will have only one number. I chose to do this because I wanted to go into great detail and have a few paragraphs that explain that fact and why I chose it. That gave me another idea – for every twenty-five facts (#25, #50, #75, #100), I will have an entry for that one fact. I figured it would be something cool, and the major things about me that could be entries could also be included in this 100 FAM meme biz. :3

This entry is continued from last week.

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@Lean, haha, it’s okay. I probably used a different e-mail address!

@Jess, So… my Internet/computer has turned vicious on me and won’t let me view your site – or any of my hostees right now, but it is up, according to a few people that have @replied to me on Twitter. Gr.

I actually like failure, haha. However, it does tend to be super frustrating. D:

I followed you. :3 You don’t have to follow back – I just love following fellow bloggers. ^^

I totally agree that perfection is usually boring. If something’s perfect it’s just… perfect. You can’t really do or say anything about it, nothing to relate to or work with. In fact, it’s often the flaws that makes things and people interesting πŸ™‚

I love wearing red. πŸ™‚ I have 2 red dresses, but they’re both more casual than formal.

I can’t agree with that, haha. I love chocolate too much! Though that might depend on the chocolate, but, in general…

I don’t think perfection can be defined. To me it’s just something unimaginable.

I don’t follow too many people on Twitter, haha. Mostly just people I know, with a few exceptions. I’m not much of a Twitter person. I go online there everyday, just to check, but I don’t tweet too much.

That’s a good idea! It’d be so awkward if you had 4 short facts and 1 long one in a post, and it’d be such a waste if you shortened something you could talk about more.

I don’t think I’ll be doing the 100 facts about me thing on my main blog since I like having nice long posts there. I’ve been thinking about doing it on Tumblr or something though, before school starts here. Hmmm…

My idea of a “perfect guy” is a guy who does have flaws. Same as with any other person. People aren’t real when they have flaws. They’re simply cardboard cut-outs of someone who maybe once was real.

Same goes with being all dolled up. If I have to wear mascara, eyeliner, cover-up, and have my hair done whenever I see you, then you’re obviously not interested in looking past the things on the surface. When I’m looking to date a guy, I look for signs that he’s only interested in what I have to offer on the surface. If he isn’t looking past that, I’m already looking past him. ;D

Anyways. I hate chocolate too. Though I don’t mind it sometimes, most of the time it makes me gag. I’d much rather have watermelon. Or an orange. Or something that is healthy for me, but also tasteful and exciting to my taste buds.

πŸ˜€ I’m getting a red dress for my 8th grade dance coming up next Friday. Hopefully, it has the effect I want it to: elegant, but eye-catching as well. Something that stands out, but doesn’t draw too much attention, and something that is NOT slutty. People tell me I look good in red, so I’m wearing red. πŸ™‚

Btw, sorry for the long reply on a last message (can’t remember when) of yours, I never knew you replied because for some reason Akismet put your comment in my spam!

I’m sure it must have been cute! I love dressing up, just buying dresses and getting ready is the worstt. Yeah, if I can recall correctly I remember saying you were lactose? And awks if I recalled incorrectly, LOL. It depends on my mood for icecream, sometimes I feel like eating it while other times I don’t. My favourite are popsicles, though.

Aw, haha. The only chocolate I absolutely love and crave is Lindor, Ferrero Rocher, and After Eights, and these chocolates that look like sea shells… yummyness. πŸ˜€ Not your regular Aero, and kitkat things. Copies comment, lol. πŸ˜›

That’s true, about the perfect thing. Being perfect is impossible, you can’t please anybody and you’re probably not even pleasing yourself, either. And being perfect would be boring, like sometimes when someone falls it’s funny, or they do something and get hurt (barely), and everyone starts laughing, including the person who fell or something. And like you know, moments like that? Or your stupid moments that are funny? Yeah. πŸ˜›

Aww, haha. Well I don’t follow celebrities that much, even if I had a personal Twitter. Even if I liked them I’m still not interested in what they’re doing 24/7, and plus I don’t want them to boost about how many followers they have… I’m nice. πŸ˜› But if you tweet them 24/7 and ask them to follow you, it works. My friend got Justin Bieber to follow her, she got like 300 more followers doing that. :/

Haha, can’t wait to see your next “Factual Friday”. πŸ˜›

And like you, I HATE science also. Sooo boring! It’s crazy.

I love chocolate. I’m a junk food junkie, or I was. I try to stay away from that stuff now. My biggest thing is chips. I can eat all those, especially Doritos. Those are my weakness.
Ugh, I have no dresses except one I wore to my grandpa’s funeral a month and a half ago. So I’m not wearing that one again. It kinda just hangs in my closet, taking up space.

I’m not perfect either. I strive for perfection though, because of how I was raised. It’s one of those “I have to be better than everyone else” type of deals. Not in the way of makeup and junk, but more like work ethics, etc. It’s a bad thing of mine. I have to learn how to do something and do it right or I won’t be satisfied with myself. I hate failure. x.x

I have a twitter…sweetliesx and you can follow me, I’ll follow back. Not on it as much as I was though. Basically use it for stupid things now! I’d rather blog haha.

If I can remember I’ll do this factual Friday thing πŸ™‚