100 Facts About Me 26-30

It’s been a while since I have posted one of these, and I owe it to myself and my visitors to finish this project before August. Why? Because of the whole thing with how I might do BEDA. I’m not sure if I want this in there or not, you know?

#26 Apparently I confuse people a lot. I don’t intend to, but it does happen anyway, and when I try to go backwards from confusing them, I end up confusing them even more. That’s when an “ugh” comes into play, followed by a mere “never mind”. But I do still wonder. I hate that feeling; it’s like a hunger for wonder that can’t be satisfied until the confusion is gone.

#27 I become overwhelmed too easily. I’m horrible at multitasking when it comes to school-associated multitasking. A lot of people I know are great at it, but I can’t do that well. I’ve tried as hard as I could, but it’s really difficult for me.

#28 I don’t like it when people tell me I need to change something about myself that they don’t like – or that makes me me. It aggravates me, and I just want to scream and/or cry whenever someone tells me that. It’s as if they’re telling me that I’m not adequate for them and/or that they do not like me for who I am. This also causes my insecurities to rise, as well as dozens more that others happen to comment about. It’s a horrible feeling, and I’m really sick of being told I’m not good enough. You know what? You’re right. I’m not good enough – I’m great enough to succeed in life doing whatever it is that I want to do.

#29 I don’t believe that college is for everyone. If it were up to me, I would have my own non-profit organization at full-blast already. However, that’s impossible without college apparently, and upon telling my classmates, I’m the weird one because I wouldn’t mind devoting my time to volunteering and saving other’s lives – even if it were animals. I’m always told, “Okay, so you have something for on-the-side, but what’s your major – what’s your dream job?” …That’s when I’m just sitting there like: -.- Uh… I just told you…

#30 I’m actually not afraid of my friends, family and/or the people I know personally offline finding and reading my blogs. I think part of me wants them to so they can understand me more and understand what I mean when I say certain things – so they can get to know me more – or to at least be plugged in in what’s happening in my life. I mean, it sure beats talking about everything going on in my life on the phone. I don’t enjoy talking on the phone. Then again, I also don’t enjoy talking about my blog posts unless they are articles or just … random junk. I guess I’m just weird like that. But I really don’t – it often seems irrelevant to me because by then it’s old news. I don’t enjoy being asked about them offline, either. Like, “What did you mean when ___?” It just feels SO awkward. 🙁


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