100 Facts About Me 49-56

#49 No matter what I do, my lips stay chapped. All of the time. I think this is because of that horrid habit I have of biting my lips and grinding my teeth in my sleep. I don’t know.

#50 I think it would be nice to own an iPhone, but I’m so afraid of breaking it or losing it. They’re pretty costly, too. Also, the whole touch screen keyboard doesn’t interest me. Because of this, I have also thought about an iTouch. To me, the only difference is that one is for mostly music and the other is for a phone service. I don’t really know much about either.

#51 One reason I blog is to help me remember things. It’s also another way to relive memories, like when your baby sister wants you to put her to bed.

#52 I used to be crazy about the color green. You’ll see what I mean in my next theme. I almost rhymed “theme” in that last sentence; sounds similar as if it rhymes. Anyway, I’m still working on it here and there (you know, trying to find out what I like, don’t like, etc.). I’d post a screenshot spoiler, but meh. I’m sure I could do without doing so and not. xD Anyway, green grows.

#53 I didn’t sign up for NaNoWriMo, but in my own head/mind/etc., I am participating in the challenge. But if something comes up and I cannot finish it, then I will have to stop.

#54 I will be finishing this meme before the year is over. I have less than fifty facts to go at this point. I can do it if I put my mind to it. They don’t have to be posted every Friday.

#55 Freshman year of high school I took a dance class for my P.E. credit. When a lesson on clogging came up, it was love at first rock step. Double step – rock step, double step – rock step. Double step, double step, double step – rock step!

#56 Minus tonight, I have the most energy at night. It’s really crazy, but it’s quite true. πŸ˜›

[spoiler /Open for something different…/ /Close/]

Feel free to ask me some questions. I’ll gather them up and answer them in a blog post. πŸ˜‰ Just make sure that they are appropriate, alright? ;D



Ooh, we have a cold front coming in tonight! Yay for autumn!

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How are the 100 facts going? I hope things are okay with you. I don’t seen the same background at your site for this long. I know how much you like to decorate your site. So, it always makes me a bit concerned, when things stay the same.

Just thinking about you….be good to yourself:~)

I’m alright. I have a new, unfinished theme. My latest post explains everything. πŸ˜‰

I haven’t even heard of Nano until way after it started, or I would have taken part in it as well.

I like to blog for the same reasons. And, it’s also good to vent, get things off your chest. I blog like it’s my journal, I enjoy writing them, even if nobody reads it. πŸ™‚

I grind my teeth in my sleep. My retainer helped not to damage my teeth but I didn’t like wearing it so a couple of weeks ago I stopped. As for chapped lips, I need to apply lip balm sooo regularly otherwise it gets dry. Sometimes flaky, but most of the time dry, and my upper lip gets so red and sore. πŸ™ I’m sure you know what I mean!

The main difference between the iPod Touch and the iPhone is that the iPhone can make calls. That’s pretty much it! I think the price difference is insane though.

There is an iPhone drop test or something, and I do agree the iPhone is pretty damn fragile. I did drop my 3GS (before I lost it) many times, but it had a case on. The case was magnificently awesome. I dropped it once on floor when I took the cover off, but not much damage was done probably because I didn’t drop it from a building. XD They are also very expensive. D:

To be honest I don’t really have any questions… XD I will ask you any if I think of any, though.

I also just wanted to say that I love your layout. I have probably said this before. πŸ˜› I do love the layouts you’ve been making recently. <3

I have tons of energy at night too. This is a very interesting post, I enjoy getting to know people through random bullets, it’s easier sometimes. πŸ˜›

And as far as iPhone’s go – you should totally get one, in contract they’re not that expensive and you can pay $5 for insurance on your phone with att!

I had a friend who bought everything apple, and I can tell you flat out the only difference between the iTouch and the iPhone is that the phone has phone call making capabilities, and that with the iTouch you have to rely solely on wifi in order to do online things. Personally I would save up for an iPad or a different type of touchpad if you were thinking about buying one. You would have access to the same apps (and skype to make calls with if you wanted) but you would have more area to work with, and you can even buy a wacom stylus to draw with on an iPad.

OR! You can be cheap like me and get a Kindle Fire. It is smaller than your average touchpad (and can fit into your purse), have access to all the apps and music, AND you get to use Amazon prime to stream movies to it. (Another upside is it is only $200) You can also get a replacement plan on it and can use Amazon’s cloud storage, so if you do break it you can send it back and get a new one linked to your amazon prime account and all your information is immediately accessible via your Kindle Fire.

Another bonus is you get the first month of Amazon Prime free (so the fire will be overnighted to your door) and a prime account is only $80 for an entire year, which is cheaper than keeping netflix and ALSO cheaper than getting an iPad with a 3G contract attached to it.

But I am biased in that I hate apple products, just putting the information out there. XD

This meme is a good way for the visitors to get to know you better! Well done πŸ™‚

Anyway, regarding your chapped lips… the reason they are this way, is because you are not drinking enough water. It is your body’s way to tell you to hydrate more. Drink 2 liters a day! It might seem a lot and hard to accomplish, but everytime you walk in the kitchen, have a glass πŸ™‚ Or have a water bottle by your side at any time (that’s how I do it). Also, before you go to bed, when you brush your teeth, with your toothbush, also brush your lips. It will remove the dead skins. Then hydrate them with a lip balm. You’ll see a difference in the morning and in the days to come if you follow this routine πŸ˜‰

Now, as for the iPhone… they are not as fragile as you think. I have dropped mine dozens of times and never had anything happenening to it. Make sure just to have a protective case (I am not talking about the high-tech case that costs $50 lol). And the touch screen is really easy to get used to. I’ve had my iPhone for over 2 years now and I love it. It really changes your way of interracting with the world and makes everything easy. So think about it, it is a pretty good investment!

This year is the first time I am participating in the NaNoWriMo. I am at 7000 words and I hope to reach the 50,000 required! It is a very big challenge for me >_<

Also, you've been tagged!

I can’t see your website!! D: Grr.

My lips were permachapped during wintertime until I started peeling them. Get a hard toothbrush, keep it dry, and go over your lips with it in a scrubbing motion. It stings a bit, yes, but that’s normal. Once you’ve gone over the entire lip area, apply vaseline. I do this once a week & it’s worked wonders for me during harsh Finnish winters. <3

I just got an iphone 4s when it came out last month and it changed. my. life.

I would call it that best purchase I have made since I bought these back in February, which is a pair of shoes and it’s probably sort of rude to compare an iPhone to a pair of shoes but they are seriously the two most amazing things I own, the shoes are seriously awesome.

So what I’m saying is that you should definitely buy an iphone and also some moccasins.

Apple should probably pay me for that comment.

Clogging? Wow. I’d like a video of that:~) I can’t believe you are doing 100 facts about yourself…that’s not easy. I remember when FB had the challenge about doing 25 facts about yourself. I did it a blog post and it was actually really HARD.

I like the wood look, but anticipate whatever you will come with using the color green:~)

Wear your gloves and hat, wrap that scarf and stay warm!

To me, the only difference between an iPod Touch and an iPhone is that the iPhone is also a cell phone. I’m not sure how fragile or rugged they were, but I’ve had an iPod classic since 2007, and it’s going just fine, four years later.

Ooh! Are you going to make a green theme soon?

Meh. Not a completely green theme. πŸ˜› It may be hard to find… I mean, aside from the obvious sections… I just got tired of the blue I saw every time I did said action. πŸ˜› I have it made. I’m still playing with it, and it isn’t close to December yet! xD

I have an iPod Nano… I’ve had it since 2009. I don’t know much about technology when it comes to the iProducts. /cupcake