2013: 5 Wishes

I was tagged by Robin at Our Carolina Days. I don’t normally do these, but it seemed harmless and just for fun. Also, this will be the first meme I’ve done on 6birds since I started over. Gotta get that category going somehow. 😉

Below are 5 things I’m wishing for for 2013. I’m making them possible rather than impossible, and not anything stressful. 🙂

1. Help

I want/need to get help for my mental health. Counseling, therapy, psychologist… Because of the holidays, it has been a bit difficult. However, after they are all over and done with, I really need help. I want help – professional help – and I know I need it as well. I mean, I can’t even drive!

2. Hobbies

I’d like to learn at least 5 new design strategies/ways/whatever the term for this. I want to become better at web design. I, personally, like to think I’m pretty good at some graphic design as well. I just really want to get better. Perhaps I can make themes and layouts for a small fee to at least have some cash to have fun with.

3. Family

Finally finish writing my mom that letter I have been working on writing for a long time now and send it to her. It seems like it should be this easy thing to do, but it’s really not. It’s difficult. It’s honest. I’m pouring my heart out to her in a letter about how she needs to change what she’s doing or else history is going to repeat itself – or else I’m going to have to take matters into my own hands. I don’t want my mom out of my life. It sucks. People often tell me how “lucky” I am to not have her bothering me all of the time. If your mom still talks to you, cherish that. My mom doesn’t deserve to be in my life because she refuses to be pleasant to me because she refuses to believe I’ve been abused – that I was wrong, that she neglected me. I need to finally finish it, and then I need to send it.

4. Dreams

I have THE strangest dreams. I’d really like to start recording them. I don’t know if I should start another WP blog, a tumblog or Blogspot blog to have these on. My dreams are just really weird. I’d like to write them down somewhere. Physically writing gets exhausting, though, thus why I’d rather type them up somewhere.

5. Enjoyment

Try to get back into doing the things I used to do that I loved so much – photography, taking walks (even though the city doesn’t suffice), looking up #cutegasms on Fridays, etc.

You’re apparently supposed to tag 5 people as well. If you don’t do it, that’s fine. :]

  • Marshmallow @ Paper Wish (is it spaced?)
  • Steph @ Wooty Woot
  • oh, snap… I ran out of blog friends who’d be interested maybe. I need to get out more! 😮

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Lately, your web designs have been really good. I love “Effy” and I can’t wait to see what you’re going to put up soon! You and i know that you weren’t always that great, but each successive design that you’ve made has been better than the last. I’m sure that you’ll learn at least five new tricks and techniques that will help you make pretty websites.

I wish you your last wish more than anything else on the list. You need some enjoyment. 😀

In anyway I guess.. even our mom sometimes act like as if they dont care.. We must still love them unconditionally.. first just be thankful that you were not aborted.. you were send to school for education.. your able to eat atleast 3x a day,… It may seems like that it was nothing but still there is only 1 mom for everyone… so just be Glad and cherish the moments… 🙂 Merry Christmas… Mind to join my contest??

I don’t appreciate being told that “we must still love them unconditionally”, especially since you don’t even know my story. You don’t know that my mom abused me. You don’t know that I didn’t always get to eat every day. You don’t know that my mom neglected me and sat on the sidelines whilst my stepfather, her husband, abused me. I’m sorry my first impression for you is going to come off as rude, BUT YOU DON’T KNOW.

You don’t know that I have PTSD and remember each and every little fucking thing that was done to me. You don’t know.

Thus said, please do not act as though I’m being an ungrateful daughter. My mom only wanted me for the money. She received child support, and she never used it on things I needed to live and grow. She didn’t care about me. She doesn’t care about me.

You don’t know, so don’t fucking say that when you don’t know. I’m not thankful for her. She told me she should have aborted me. PLENTY OF PEOPLE in this world would have LOVED to have spoiled me rotten because they can’t have kids. She screwed up big time, and she treats me as if I’m in the wrong. I would have rather have been aborted than abused.

There’s no point in wishing for things. Turn them into goals. I never understood school assignments where they asked you to write down what you wish/dream for when I was in elementary school. I always wrote them: I don’t have dreams, I have goals.

If you’re having trouble finishing the letter, you can always share your blog with her? Did you write any entry regarding to the situation?


My school assignments would be goals, never wishes. I’ve explained that I don’t do wishes. 🙂

Oh, she reads my blog. Stalks it. Nosy like that.

don’t do goals**

I really hope you get the professional help that you deserve. I’m sure writing that letter to your mom would help as well. I’ve always felt a lot better when I need to confront somebody about something important, and writing a long email or letter really helps take a lot of that burden off. Good luck with that!

I’d love to be better at designing sites as well but I feel like I don’t have the patience for that anymore. It just seems really hard. :-/

I would most of the things people tend to dream are really out of the ordinary, but remembering them after you wake up is tricky. You should definitely write about it! I would suggest writing in your current blog, as oppose to opening another site. But that’s just me.

Aww, I hope you accomplish all these for 2013. We have the same wish for web designing, I still suck big time and I really hope I will still improve.

I like your idea for number four! I have weird dreams too and I’ve been wanting to record them but don’t know where, I thought of a blog but I don’t want anyone to know so I just keep it to myself.

I hope your mom will finally believe you, appreciate and talk to you. I am so sorry to hear about that. I wish you all the best in sending that letter to her.

Photography is very enjoyable, I’d like to see your photos as you fulfill that wish in 2013! I bet you take really good photos!

These are all really good reasonable wishes. I like how you listed possible wishes instead of listing things like, “win the lottery” or things that are unreasonable or unattainable by most. These could also be listed as goals as well for 2013.

I don’t do resolutions anymore, because when I did, they would always be for school. Every single teacher wanted them done; they required them! When the school year was over, they asked us to see if we had done anything. If we hadn’t, they told us we needed to, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to succeed. I’m not really for goals or anything, either. They don’t work for me. Thus said, this meme seemed possible. 🙂

Good luck with the letter to your mom. Hopefully it will have some impact.