If the majority of society seriously thinks all twenty-one-year olds only look forward to buying beer and other alcoholic beverages on their twenty-first birthday – as well as going to clubs and bars and all that other junk, then society needs to open their eyes to reality. Not all 21-year olds are like that. I can’t even enjoy a lunch at a restaurant without a waitress seriously telling me she doesn’t believe me when I say that I don’t drink/am not into that.

Mimi: Today is Sarah’s birthday.

Waitress: Oh, really? Well, happy birthday! How old are you today?

Me: Twenty-one.

Waitress: Ooh, that’s exciting! You got some crazy plans for later tonight? Gonna go party?

Me: Nope. I’m not into drinking or anything like that.

Waitress: Uh huh, well I find that hard to believe. You have fun tonight! (winks)

This morning I had to go into the psychiatric ward[1. Okay, so that is just what I’m calling it. It’s really a center with psychiatrists and counselors (sort of) – think of a clinic.] to have blood drawn for lab testing. It was fine, I guess. I’m not really into the whole ‘having blood drawn’ thing. It makes me feel woozy, and I just … well, to be honest I don’t like it! -.-

Anyway, that is how my day was. I also went to Cici’s with my aunt, Mimi and Shane, Bebe’s son/my cousin.

And I made a survey that, if you fill out, would be really awesome because web projects make Liza happy, and this project is technically called Operation Make Liza Happy (even though the instant ‘happy’ trigger is just surreal).

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[…] It’s not like it’s a crime or anything. I just wish people wouldn’t make such a big deal out of […]

[…] A year ago today I woke up early and went to a psychiatric clinic to have some blood work, because apparently blood work can even help in the treatment of mental health. Then, I went with Mimi and Tommy to some restaurant in Canton that I can never remember the name of that makes their food Southern-style. I also went on errands with Mimi, and then I went with her to Cici’s, meeting up Bebe and Shane in the process. It was rather exhausting. Even though the day was my birthday, I would have much rather have been able to sleep in since it was my day off. […]

Oh, how could I forget? Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great time doing whatever you were doing!

D: Heh, you forgot. P: However, I don’t exactly brag about it, either. 😛

Just filled out the survey! Email me with any questions if you’ve got them.

Partying on your 21st birthday is a common thing to do, so the waitress doesn’t surprise me at all. It is definitely still unreasonable to think that all 21-year-olds are looking forward to drinking/partying, though. But, screw the waitress! She’s just another person who won’t remember you if she ever sees you again.

If my birthday weren’t on a Monday, I’d probably be having a few drinks and a slice of cake with my friends. Dunno if that counts as a party, though.

Happy Belated Birthday! I also wasn’t really into drinking when I was the legal age (19 here in Canada). I think I may have had one drink, but I never got drunk until I was probably 21 or 22. Same thing with driving. I never went for my license when I was 16. I got it when I was 18, and I still don’t drive lol.

Oh how I know exactly how you feel! When I turned 21 I had one drink and from that day forth, I’ve barely touched another drink. I was never the partier either unlike like most of my friends were and still are. I suppose that why I’m lacking in the friends department and because I’m much more different than a lot of people. Anyway, I know how you feel and I’d like to tell you people stop asking you to go out drinking when they know you don’t once you hit 24 (where I am now), but they still ask and still give you a strange look when you turn them down telling them you’d rather go to a movie or read a book.

I hope all went well for you at the clinic and you enjoyed Cici’s! Oh! Also, just took you survey! I’m curious as to what exactly you’re measuring or tracking. Guess I’ll have to keep my eye on it!

Best Wishes,