5 harsh meme prompts

It has taken me a while to realize this, but it’s true: memes are harsh. I’m not talking about those positivity memes or those memes that make you laugh, etc.; I’m talking about the stupid memes that want you to write a blog post for said day that has to do with negativity. Here, I’ll demonstrate:

1. Something you hate about yourself.

2. A time you thought about ending your own life.

3. Your best friend is in a car accident and you two got into a fight an hour before. What do you do?

4. Something you never get compliments on.

5. Something you hope to change about yourself (and why).

I understand it is a meme, but why write about something so depressing?

  1. Why bring yourself down and blog about something you hate about yourself? If you hate it about yourself, it’s probably/most likely going to just bring you down even more, and a meme prompting you to do such a thing isn’t going to help you with it at all. At least if you blog about it on your own terms you’re not being forced to blog about said thing.
  2. Blogging about a time when you thought about ending your life… When I read about these, I can’t help feeling like the people writing them are either a) making them up, b) sugarcoating it and making it sound more horrible, c) inferring when they’re boyfriend dumped them and/or d) just barely putting any text into them. I suppose I could blog about this topic one day. Unfortunately, it would be super real and extremely detailed to the point that you’d probably end up feeling it.
  3. To be honest, hypothetical scenarios are really dumb to me, and I don’t relate to them well at all. I can’t put myself into situations like that. It’s not because I’m lazy or anything; it’s a mental thing. -.-
  4. If you never get compliments on such a thing, why would you want to remind yourself that you never get compliments on ___________?
  5. I guess this one’s not so bad, so I’ll just cross it out and leave it be.

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