A Poem That Sounded Much Better In My Head

It’s quite simple, really:
Why the sky is blue,
Why the grass is green,
Why the sun is yellow,
Why the dirt is brown,
Why the soil is black.

People accept inanimate objects and other things just as they are.

But other citizens are expected to change:
Because they’re different,
Because they don’t fit in,
Because they have a different lifestyle,
Because they have a different religion,
Because they disagree.

I don’t know if this is any good, but I think it sounded a lot better in my head.

I’ll probably, most likely, blog again tomorrow. Blah. I just don’t know yet. 🙂

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I like this poem very much. I love the comparison between what we accept and what we don’t. You should write more of this. Have fun and experiment with poetry and do by all means, take the critic in your head and send her out to clean the barn, while you write:~)

It’s very meaningful and full of so much hidden meanings. It is very true though. People are made to change because they are not like everyone else which is very unfortunately. why can’t people just accept who they are and just live with it.

I think it’s nice. 🙂
Simple, direct to the point, real. 😛
No sugar-coating whatsoever.

Hey hun! Lovely poem, poems come from the heart (or brain) are always nice to read. Mine don’t make any sense to me when I write them down! lol sad part ain’t it…but if others like it…its always a plus =D

I hate when things sound/look good in my head but don’t seem to translate well. I really like the idea behind your poem, though. I honestly never looked at the issue from that angle. Why DO we accept certain things but not others? Hmm.

Respect is what we all should have… it’s good to have. It’s not uncommon to have differences as we are all unique anyway…

I really like this poem! 🙂 It makes a lot of sense as well… the fact that we often don’t even question why certain things are the way they are, but then when we see someone else who’s different, we question that. Very good observation!

It’s actually really nice, it has a good meaning and that “deepnesses” and actual meaning is what gives every poem that little edge!
Every thing I think of sounds way better in my head so that’s nothing to think about, but even so, the poem s great!

The only thing I would say is that the ending is abrupt? Usually poem endings have like a subtle feel that shows you the poem is done, this end makes me want more and assume there is one more line?
Overall, i really like the poem, and I ADORE the smilies =)