A trip on the rocks, please

Since Friday I have not checked anything having to do with my websites. I know people depend on me for Dashes, and then I have the opening of Spree, but such things were not on my to worry about list. They just weren’t important. It’s Sunday, and I was going to go out to eat lunch with Charan and them, but I opted out and decided I just wanted today to myself. Also, I’m still hung over – hung over as in I told Bri and kind of/maybe even Aimee (my cousins; they’re sisters) that I have been depressed – and I feel pretty awkward about it. I try to joke about it at times, because it helps take away a bit of the pain. It kind of makes everything a little easier to do as far as the day goes by. Joking about it helps me to hide it – but that doesn’t mean I’m okay with other people joking about it. It’s only okay if I joke about my own depression, and I won’t go any further with that.

I’m very sore from all of this car ride stuff, to which Bri questioned, “What are you sore from!?” Stillness and car rides and sitting up straight accidentally and having a cyst varying from side to side at different times and spreading to your lower back is no fun, and it makes you feel very exhausted and sore. …Also, riding in a vehicle for long distances and not really stretching is just asking for soreness and pains later on. It’s why you’re supposed to stretch every now and then. That was even on my driving test. In fact, I still feel this way, and I got home yesterday. I ended up spending the night at Bri’s house because she was exhausted and had work on Sunday – that day; it was already midnight thirty. She didn’t want to chance it (neither did I). She gets cranky at night. And weird. I get hyper.

It was fun, though. She and Aimee are pretty hilarious, though. They’re a lot alike. “Don’t judge me” is something my friend says to me a lot (who picked it up from his boyfriend), and I didn’t realize how easy/possible it would be for me to pick such a thing up. >.> “Nobody’s judging” is something Bri kept saying afterward. Whoops. 😛

I think going on a road trip again would be fun, though. I mean, not for a family reunion… I don’t exactly like people (as you all already know), and there wasn’t much to see/do. We did stay in a camper trailor, though – that part was pretty awesome. It was like our own little house/thing to ourselves. Everyone carpooled with each other, and I’m glad we went on our own because we could pretty much leave when we wanted. We went a day earlier than expected, hence the reason I disappeared. Disappearing was a tad bit nice, though. I feel bad for my TCG members because I was basically AWOL during that time period, but I didn’t exactly have much control over it. But anyway, a road trip would be quite nice. It would require some planning, of course, and I don’t know if I would be able to put up with Bri the entire time (so I would need some friends of my own for this[1. Especially since Alice and I are kinda still best friends, but the high school best friends relationship is pretty much just … high school. Make sense? You grow up, get separated, and sometimes you can’t hold onto that forever – then there’s the whole thing with you both living very far apart and all…]). I’ll get my road trip sometime in the future…

Traveling outside of Texas made me remember why I want to leave Texas. I want to go elsewhere. But here everything in other states still looks just … normal.

Anyway, the going there part was pretty fun. Whoever says driving through a mountain is impossible is wrong. …just watch for rocks.

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I hope you feel better! It’s no fun feeling so worn out and just sad. It sounds like you had fun though with your cousins! Haha road trips are fun, although sometimes I feel horrible after being in the car for so long. It makes you feel even more groggy. Be sure to travel everywhere that you can! I can’t wait until I can just go and travel everywhere. Its exciting XD

It sounds like your cousins are being supportive, which is great! Even though you abandoned your websites for a bit, I think that in this case, it was the correct decision. The relationship you have with your cousins seems quite fun. I’m glad that you have them to lean on from time to time. 😀

And the relationship you have with Alice is very normal. It’s fun to catch up with high school friends from time to time, but I’m not sure that I could hang out with my high school friends every day anymore either.

I’ve never been to Texas myself, but I can definitely say that the eastern US and the western US are two very different places. I think that you’d get a lot out of seeing the a bit farther than Texas and Oklahoma (for your knowledge and your sanity). I think that in California, we don’t hear much about Oklahoma and just assume that it’s pretty similar to Texas.

They were as supportive as they could be for people who don’t know much about depression/etc.