And the 2013 surgery…

Last Monday I went to the dentist because I couldn’t wait until the new year or until after Thanksgiving to not have anything to look forward to regarding this tooth. Sure, I’ve endured child abuse, ovarian cysts and a kidney stone, but pain from a broken and decaying tooth whose filling fell out is the worst pain I’ve ever had above my shoulders. And that’s saying a lot, because I get super bad ear infections.

Anyway, I’m going to be given Halcion when I arrive this Monday so I’ll sleep throughout the surgery. I need it, because even with “laughing gas”, I still feel everything. I also don’t want to hear another “oops” should a situation where it’s needed arises yet again whilst I’m in dental surgery. Other dental experiences have consisted of me being held down — and I’m claustrophobic. Thus, I can honestly say my fear of the dentist isn’t because society just expects people to fear the dentist and that I have very specific reasons to be. xD (Not that reasons are needed.)

They have to pull it out, basically. The dentist said, “You actually have good teeth, just one that’s gone bad on ya.” Next year, I’ll go back for a dental cleaning and the X-rays and an actual dental checkup; this was just an extreme emergency considering I literally can’t eat solids and am slightly looking forward to the smoothies, jello and potato soup I’ll be eating the rest of the week. I’m not looking forward to having to take pain pills every four hours whether I’m in pain or not, however. I guess I’m just looking forward to no longer being in pain. Or having to rely on hydrocodone, which gives me nightmares and migraines and makes me overly loopy and makes me sleep a lot, to either numb the pain or make me not care. I can’t decide which it is that pain pills do. :p

Ugh. Also, my wisdom teeth will have to be removed sometime, too. I understand. My top wisdom teeth lack enough gums to fill teeth with, so they’re doing this thing to where they push my other teeth into each other. And I can feel it.

Later I’ll post about my Thanksgiving week stuff. There are two posts scheduled for the next week; I have no clue when I’ll feel up to blogging again, if I will anytime soon. I don’t even know how I’ll feel, but I usually feel pain for a few days after dental surgery. Anyway, I won’t be blogging much in December, anyway. #winterbreak

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It seems that everyone I know around me is getting some kind of teeth surgery:|
My sister recently got her wisdom teeth taken out and she recovered within two weeks’ of time. My wisdom teeth is growing out and since I have a unnecessarily big jaw, i may not need to take them out, but I don’t know yet.. It really depends on how it develops=(
I hope that you had a successful surgery and recover quickly! (:

Two weeks? 😮 🙁 Eeek.
And thanks! :*

Yep, roughly two weeks! :p
and you’re welcomed! (:

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Laughing gas was always my favorite route when getting teeth worked on or pulled, but I just stayed awake for my surgery when I got my tooth out in November. I was numbed to the bone with novacaine, but I still felt it a teensy bit because my cavity was so deep and sensitive. I was given ibuprofen for my pain (since I’m allergic to any narcotics and pain killers of that type) and I didn’t even have to take it but twice since after getting the tooth out. They told me to take it anyway even if I wasn’t swelling or in pain but honestly, there’s no point in taking something if you know you don’t really need it!

I hope your surgery goes well, at any rate, and that you recover quickly. I’ve never had wisdom teeth out, but I hope that all goes well, like I said, and you are able to nom on yummy foods not too late after wards.

I think they tell people to take it even if they’re not in pain, because that way it’s in before any pain has already taken over.

Ah, I hope everything ended up ok with your surgery! I’ve been lucky enough to never need a lot of dentist interference, but I hope after this you won’t either. And at least it’s out of the way before Christmas? Bright sides!

You poor baby. I was okay with getting my wisdom teeth pulled back in the day, but having my cavities filled a few months ago was a no-go. I was like, “I’m never having cavities again…!! ;A;”
And it’s funny because I’ve gone through brain surgery but y’know… Surgery itself wasn’t that awful. I was out before anything happened. TEETH ON THE OTHER HAND… ;_;

Glad you went in to see the dentist before it got any worse though!

This kind of reminds me of that brain surgery saying, “Well, it’s not brain surgery, you know…”, and how many people say brain surgery’s worse than dental surgery yet haven’t gone through it, and you’ve went through it and are basically saying it’s not worse. Idk. I’ll be asleep, though. #sedativedentistryftw xDD

Haha. Well, I mean, the recovery is obviously wayyy worse, but the procedure itself isn’t that bad because you get knocked out. The worst part of the surgery itself is the anticipation and the prepping with all the needles.