Annual Cleanup

Although I’m pretty sure I went back and converted the tags I converted to categories back to tags, I think I have come up with something that I will be able to stand for a while. Maybe I’ll do what Georgie and a few other bloggers do and just use categories, but for now this works adequately.

The organization of my blog is mostly set up for easier navigation for both me and the people who read it; the categories are more for others, like chapters in a book, and the tags are more for me so I can find certain things quickly. Searching the site pulls up the words from posts, not the tags specifically. It’s not a thing for SEO or anything related; it’s so I can search for my topics more easily.

Unfortunately, I’m too lazy to weave through all of my posts in order to reorganize each of the posts, so I am [reluctantly] going to leave past posts like they are and only organize future posts to my new organizing method.

Aside from 6birds, I’ve also reorganized some of my sites and their directories, which is something that really needed to be done. I try to do it at least once a year because a lot of unnecessary junk can get put into them, but I put it off because procrastinating can actually be quite lovely. 🙂

Next, I’ll clean out my email somehow and move them over to my .me domain. I’d let them go and not renew them if things were different, but since they’re not, it looks like renewing them is the best verb. Thus, I might as well just forward them all to the one I plan to make more use of, right?

I figured a nice, clean theme to display CMS stuff I make (hacks/mods and all) and information about each of my projects would be a nice set up for My .com site was nicely done, but I think it’s time for me to retire the retro bubble clouds and just save the layout for a later use on a different project, if such ever happens. I’ve also decided that I don’t really love web design enough to make themes. I prefer my love-hate relationship with PHP and pulling things from the database. There’s a job field for that kind of hobby-like thing, right? If not, I have photography. 😉

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Just go with what you like and what is easy to find for you. I have over 500 entries that I imported and they have so many random tags. I just decided to put them into a category called ‘old posts’ and leave all the tags haha.

That is good that you could clean some of the sites up and the directories. I really like to do that as well. Makes things feel……. easier or something. I don’t know.

Ah, I remember reorganizing my site and it was not a fun adventure, lol. This was most especially true because I decided I wanted to remove some categories and re-organize my tags, lol, so I understand where you’re coming from. I like the idea of a clean theme, especially in that context. I think organization wise it makes the most sense. 😀