Another dental surgery update

If you have a weak stomach or you’re eating, or whatever similar, you really shouldn’t read this post.

Since Tuesday afternoon I have felt as if something crawled into my mouth, got murdered and started rotting. It even smells that way. I have never been so disgusted with myself in my lifetime. Ever.

This is beyond revolting. I wasn’t warned of the icky taste in my mouth that would occur after a tooth extraction. I warned of the pain, but not of the smell or taste of the “blood and fluids” oozing out of my gums where the tooth used to be. It’s so disgusting. I totally warned you.

The worst part is that I find teeth disgusting altogether. When Mary or Chris would show me their loose or lost teeth, I’d back away and tell them no. It grosses me out as much as those people who get freaked out by feet are grossed out when in contact with another person’s foot. And I can’t brush my teeth properly, so I’m using q-tips and toothpaste and salted warm water for mouth rinse. It’s not the same, and it’s so gross and smells gross. I so gag every time I rinse my mouth with the salty warm water because 1) the salty water tastes like metal and 2) my tongue cannot handle the horrendous taste of roadkill. I mean, I assume that’s what the taste is.

And mints. don’t. work. Tic-Tacs, peppermints, etc. aren’t working! “Brushing” my teeth provides some relief, but this effect of the tooth extraction is more than your average everyday halitosis. Although it was just a decayed tooth that was murdered in my mouth and then the gums and bone that was “cleaned”, the “cleaned” section smells the absolute furthest away from CLEAN.

It’s in my food and what I drink and in my dreams and in my saliva and in my spit and just everywhere. It’s like a sore on my skin that’s healing, but it’s in my mouth and way too close to my tongue.

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Oh gosh I am so sorry. But, but, honestly, it will get better. My friend Tristan has tonsillitis. The doctor said it was the worst case she’d ever seen. And he showed me the inside of his mouth a few times and all that gunk was just gross! But bad unlucky things happen in the inside of our mouths sometimes. 🙁

I love teeth though. I used to want to be a dentist. Though I can admit that mouth/throat/teeth problems are often quite disgusting. xD For the record, the reason I didn’t do dentistry/orthodontics was because it would take seven to twelve years, not because of people’s mouths grossing me out. 😛

I brush my teeth with q-tips, and at least that makes it minty. 😡 I’ve decided, though, that the entire human body is revolting. I still have to get my wisdom teeth removed, and supposedly people have this same yucky problem. D;

Hopefully the dentist will be able to see me on Monday/Gmama will be up to taking me. Because I’ve got the symptoms of an infection. x;


I’m not surprised at all by what you’re writing. I accidentally got punched in the face once, had a bad ulcer-like thing underneath one of my lips, and my mouth just tasted like metal (blood has lots of iron in it) all the time. I think what you’re feeling is many times what I felt.

It’ll go away. You’re strong. You’ll get through it.

According to the Internet (a three-page forum with all the same problems), it’s either a dry socket or an infection and either way needs to be cleaned. 🙁

Either way it’s still disgusting beyond WORDS.