The Art of Communication

When studying and reading from textbooks from school, I often think of examples and things I can compare and contrast what I am learning to. As far as speech goes, The Communication Process seems to be a lot like blogging and bloggers.

The first step is the sender. In blogging, the blogger is the sender. Whilst thinking about what to blog – and typing the blog – the blogger is communicating with his/herself, also known as intrapersonal communication. The blogger must encode, or type, what the message, or blog post, is going to be. Therefore, isn’t typing the blog post into the text box considered encoding? Even if it is not HTML, like I wrote in parenthesis on my reading guide, it is still encoding – it can still be taken back. Encoding is thinking of what the message is going to be.

In a blogger’s case, the message is the blog post itself.

The blogger’s readers are the receivers; they decode the message and try to understand what it means. Now, it’s the readers’ turns to communicate back. Whether or not they do is up to them, but technically, that is still communication.

The receiver encodes their reply in the comment box. When they click submit, they are giving their feedback. What they said cannot be edited (unless, of course, you have the WordPress plugin for that). Then the blogger decodes the feedback they received, and The Communication Process repeats itself whether the bloggers blogs again or replies to the commenter (the receiver).

Does that make sense?

The source is the blog itself; it is the website. The context is the section the blog is in. Possible Interference could be:

  • the layout
  • other things on the internet
  • things on the sidebar
  • other things on the page (falling snow, etc.)
  • and more

Unfortunately, I can’t exactly explain to group members in the class. I tried once, and I think they thought I was weird. πŸ™

P.S. Opinions have changed: What I learned in Communications class was super ableist.

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I have never tried to break down communication like that before, but what you wrote makes sense to me. Except that I think that it is very possible to edit comments that other people leave in WordPress without a plugin. You should be able to do it by hovering over a comment in the admin panel, and an “edit” link should appear.

I think that your group members are just weirded out by the fact that you have a blog, or by the concept of blogging in general. Despite the multitude of blogs on the Internet, that’s still a very small minority of people out there. sigh

@Stephanie, As far as the editing comments go, I meant that there is a plugin that allows the commenter to (if allowed by admin) edit the comment after a certain amount of time.

I’ll reply to you when I can. Dinner time. πŸ˜› πŸ™‚

This makes complete sense :D! Blogging makes complete sense in communication in the way that you explained it :P!

In this case, you are the sender and I am the reciever :O! Crazyness!

I always think that people who are not bloggers will not understand this beauty of communication you have said here. It is because they do not know the “same” languages as we do. I just say blogging is some other language because not everyone understands it D:!

Omg. That happened to me last time D:! I was using the schools computer like right now :O My text couldnt be sent :/.

A lot of people said they like that pixel drawing thingr :O! Thank you ^__^!

Ohh yeah i remember that domain. πŸ˜€
Okay make sure to let them know that you want a backup of all your accounts. They made me list them so i think you’d have to do the same.

That totally makes sense to me, people are just slowly stupid that’s why they would they would think you’re weird.

Yeah, that’s a pretty good explanation. ;D

Oh, that’s cool! That sounds like a really interesting class. Well, if you know what kind of online project you want to start than it is easier. Haha, they are kind of difficult… I generally make things too unprofessional.

Oh, that’s cool! That’s a great opportunity. I’m glad you get to go to school!

err maybe my blog title was the wrong choice. I am just saying people always talking about “OMG MY LIFE SUCKS, F**K MY LIFE. I HATE MY LIFE” and that we should appreciate that more. I know everyone has problems. My main topic of my blog is current events and how its effecting people and as people we just sit there and let it happen. Theres a quote from Hotel Rwanda (if you saw that movie) where Paul wants to get Americans to help with the Hutu and tutsi Genocide, however a reporter goes “the Americans will take one look at it… feel sad and go back to eating their TV dinners” Maybe I should have wrote the blog better.

and Iw as talking about the SAT, I thought you need it for college. and I understand your choice of going to a community college. It’s a lot cheaper and it gives you an idea what you want to go to study for. Everyones choices are different. I know personally I want to go to 4 year because I want to live somewhere else and try living interdependently. (we will see how I do in 2 years haha)

I have never thought about blogging in this way but it makes sense! I really think a site layout is important, it’s supposed to convey something something … gah this is too much for my little brain, haha. Deep thinking kills me.

I’m not an introvert either. People usually think those who don’t go out are losers … bleh screw that. They can think of me as lazy. I’m too lazy to go out, end of story.

I think it would be terrifying too. But maybe when I’m actually old enough and MARRIED I’ll have some different opinions on pregnancy. If women through the ages are able to go through it, why not me? haha.

Well I already have a scholarship that’s about 1/3 of my tuition. It’s good enough to keep my mom happy. For now at least.

PSW is personal support worker. Its like a nurse, but dont do much nursey stuff if that makes sence. like, i could do light house keeping because the person is unable, or cook for them and prepare there meals the way they eat it (if they are in home care) and assist them in their showers/baths if they need. A bunch of things like that. take their blood pressure readings etc.
I never thought about being allergic to it. I just went to my doc and got the BC, woops! I’m glad i didnt have a reaction.
hopefully your doctor gets it right the next time you go.

i find this blog fascinating, LOL. It’s very true though. I don’t get how your group doesnt understand? hm.. maybe because im a blogger and so your example makes sense to me..

Hello Liz! Your site looks great. (:

Hm, I’ve never really thought about blogging as communicating. I mean, I always knew replying to comments was communicating, so I suppose the blog is the initial incident that sets up the later communication. The Communication Process is actually really cool; I would never think that we go through so many steps when we are simply talking to people! In what class are you studying this in?

Ah, people think I am weird whenever I bring up internet related stuff too. No worries!

Thank you so much. :love: School does make it hard! I am only in high school so the little money I do have I don’t even need to spend, so I bet college is even more difficult when you do have to buy things on your own. I probably won’t be truly philanthropic until I’m out of college anyway. Until then maybe we can just donate time and effort instead of money?

Yes, there is already a community service club and a spirit of service club at school. Although I am starting an online project with a friend that will benefit charities! We just have to finish working on it.

Very true! Wise words. Thanks for the advice!

I see how they parallel with each other. Well blogging is communicating. Not verbally but through technology. Mhm yea it’s hard because I don’t think many people would understand it. Like if you are not use to blogging, people probably wouldn’t expect to return comments.

I am thinking about going to a Christian University, but I am not sure yet. Mhm well at least you did graduate! That is a good thingxD

and yea I don’t have that self disapline lol. i would be on FB or this site everyday. You are right, I would need to be good with deadlines and goals. I am actually. I hand all my hw and stuff on time. i am a really good student (for not really trying that hard). So maybe I would do good. But I actually like people a lot, so I like being in an enviorment with others.

Oh why haven’t you taken them yet? Don’t you need it for community college?

Great analogy! I like it. The only thing I think you need to rethink is SOURCE. SOURCE is same as sender so it is the Blogger. The BLOG SITE instead could be seen as the situation or context.

Other interference is obviously things going on in the bloggers actual physical environment, as well as their psychological interference!

Good job!