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I’ve taken some time away from blogging again. I’m sorry for disappearing. I have another blog, but I haven’t posted on that one recently, either. By this weekend I will have the theme Aashni made for me – I’m not interested in messing with coding or anything right now.

I mean, I actually didn’t miss the Twitter drama or anything. I’ve spent my time reading various online articles and keeping up with the Casey Anthony trial. I don’t feel like I’ve missed anything.

I know an entry posted on the fourth, but it was scheduled. I actually wrote that in April. Funny, huh?

Apparently my BEDA post posted 12 hours ago. Blah. I can’t even keep up with myself, can I?

Have you ever played the game Jelly Blocks on It’s really fun. What about Space is Key? Play it. >.> You know you want to see what happens toward the end. I don’t even know yet. My block keeps committing suicide.

I have a post scheduled to post Friday.


Another post to attract more comments that will merely rack up into a mere sand dune I should take advantage of and create a sandcastle because it might take away from the stress in my life.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Do you see what I’ve become?

Casey Anthony was found NOT GUILTY of murder in the first degree – of her child. But she was charged with lying.

🙁 It’s really sad that no one is going to know what truly happened to this little girl. I mean, the child deserves to have justice, or is this what the world has come to?

Imaginary friends, The Nanny, 5 of the jurors, and how she can walk free tomorrow.

…All I can think is that the truth is most likely going to end up coming out of her soon after she gets out. News reporters, your everyday citizens of the USA…

I just wish the trial could have gone better. I would think this baby-raising-baby-girl would have wanted to know what truly happened to her daughter, too. But I guess the world has changed this much.

Lots of family problems is what this family had.

Don’t you just love the news?

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Hey, Liz…

I find the news to be way to depressing, so now I just read the articles I want to that are happy, becuase I am tired of the negativity society has had lately. Its really hard to read that stuff i find, I feel like I go into a depression state when I do.

No need to say sorry for not blogging, I know I miss a lot too sometimes, its been harder to find what to talk about.

There has been Drama on twitter. GASP! I have not noticed, then again I am in my own little bubble on there, and I reply when I want, and how I want.

As for the interviews that I do its just like a little advertisement for people who are trying to make their online profiles higher, if you are interested you can check these out, Its pretty much a series of questions. that I send to them and then they reply, I try to personalize the questions and they get to choose or even create a few of their own. If you want to be for the month of July just send me a email or @reply on twitter. 🙂

Hey, Liz…

So, your publishing posts without even realizing it? WordPress is messing with me and will not let schedule posts. That’s what happened to post I put and then no one could leave a comment. I had totally redo the post — what a pain.

I don’t watch the news anymore. I get some online, but I try to not get too caught in news, especially networks, like CNN. I used to have CNN on the TV all day and I realized it depressed me or made me angry. I finally decided I do better with less news. I’ve heard about the Anthony case from my daughter. It sounds like the jury was very upset about their decision, but felt they had no choice given the evidence. I would have wanted to be on that jury.

Well, enjoy your break:~)

@Sara, I suppose it’s like that. But I had forgotten about all of the posts I’d scheduled to post this week, even though I was aware they would be posting.

I haven’t really watched the news much anymore, either. Not recently, anyway. I do enjoy reading various articles online, though. …Those seem to interest me! ^^

In some ways, I am glad that Casey Anthony wasn’t found guilty – just in case she truly isn’t lying about not killing her daughter. Then again, if she would have been found guilty I would have probably been glad as well. I’m just … I don’t really like the death penalty. I understand said person killed someone else, or did something horrendously horrible, but I feel like the people who are putting the person down are just as bad because they’re killing them… Oh, now I’m ranting/babbling. I’m sorry. 🙁