Because SEX Sells.

I am probably going to get a lot of spam and new traffic from people who think I’m writing a Rated R blog post. Haha. Perverts.

A song is a song, and music is music – so why does this one bother me so much? Why do I not like Rihanna as much as I used to? Is it because she’s “grown up” into some sex-crazed-singing woman?

“Rihanna’s S&M video too explicit for daytime broadcast”

“Rihanna’s video for S&M has been ruled too raunchy to be broadcast on TV during the day but the singer appears to be in no rush to leave her sexy side behind judging by her new raunchy promo for California King Bed.”

“After dark: daytime ban for Racy Rihanna vid”

With Rihanna’s song comes questions from adolescents who will rely on various search engines to answer their question: “What’s S&M?”

I miss the old Rihanna. The end.

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