Begging You for Mercy

This entry is 1000+ words. It is 1134 words total (including this part). Read my previous entry or just don’t comment at all if you aren’t going to read the entire thing – it’s important to read everything so you understand the details. Before guessing who Mimi is, hover her name.

Nothing went as planned this week.

Those of you who do not appreciate your parents and/or think that even something that could appear to seem so small and easy wouldn’t be so bad and hard for them to do, you’re completely clueless. It’s really hard. And though I would never wish this upon anyone, I really do believe that everyone my age – or even eighteen year olds – should have to do what I just did.

In all honesty, tweets about how people’s mothers don’t do anything for them/don’t do anything good for them/etc. can just … stop it. Tweets of that sort have simply pushed me to the boiling point. You don’t know what it’s like.

I know I don’t either, but I did get to live through what my mom has to live through – with Mimi just … being “herself” and pretty much acting like you are the worst person in the world.


Mimi called in the morning to wake me up so that I could wake Isaac. With all of the storms and whatnot going on the night before, it was just a really frustrating thing.

That was the only day she picked up Isaac this week.

She called around lunchtime to ask me what I was doing for dinner. It wasn’t a question about dinner – it was more of an I-tell-her-what-I-would-rather-do kind of thing: She wanted to know whether I wanted to make and serve dinner at her house, make it here and take it over there or “what”. I said that they could eat here. Then she said, “Okay, just have them come over when they’re done.” Really? Isaac wasn’t involved in any of this.

When I asked her if she wanted me to send Isaac over there, she just scoffed and started laughing. This was all on the phone – that evening. All I could think was just … wow. -.-

Anyway, I had the kids eat. They didn’t seem to want to do anything I asked them to do. I wasn’t being “unfair”, like they’d told me I was – I just wanted them to keep their rooms clean.


Mimi was running late. Again, she called me to have me get Isaac up. She called a little later and told me to go ahead and send Isaac to her house.

I fell asleep. No, literally. I was so exhausted because I’d stayed up Wednesday night just to pick up the mess that the kids left here. Ugh. Train wreck. I awoke at noon.

I went to Brookshire’s to buy groceries. I also bought one of their lunch things there (which consists of one meat – I chose chicken strips – two vegetables – I chose mashed potatoes and green beans – and a Hawaiian Sweet Roll). It was $4.99 – which satisfied my hunger more than soup was since I was really hungry. Also, it just seemed like the best way to go since it was already made, you know? I also had to buy cat food and dog food, so I bought a package of each – which took a total of about $12 or so. I bought small bags. I didn’t really get much – just whatever I could get that wouldn’t take up all of the money I had brought to the store.

I was out of checkout by 1:10pm. I drove over to gas station (in the same parking lot) and put $15 of gas into the Explorer. I did not arrive here[1. Here as in my mom’s house, by the way.] until about two, and after putting all of the groceries up and feeding the cats inside and outside it was already thirty minutes past two o’clock. I had barely enough time to heat up my lunch and sit down and relax before I had to make dinner.

As four o’clock ticked by, the kids were not here. I called Mimi – who, of course, didn’t answer the voice – and left a message asking what was going on today because I needed to know. She called back about thirty minutes later telling me they were outside and that they would be in in a minute. Before I could ask her anything, she hung up. Seriously?

I walked out there and asked her if she just wanted me to just put food into a container. She said sure. Carrie was already in the house, and Patrick was on his way inside. I guess that, since she retired this year, she has a load of junk she doesn’t want – so Pat took that box into his room.

Inside, I asked Pat if he and Carrie could pick up their rooms before going back over to Mimi’s house, and Mimi said that they don’t need to clean anything. That mom is away, and I don’t need to have them clean stuff because she won’t even notice the difference – and because they can always clean later. And because Pat “didn’t feel like going to baseball practice”, he didn’t go. But he was acting like he always does – he just didn’t want to go, and he knows that Mimi doesn’t/won’t make him do anything he doesn’t want to do.


Carrie’s end-of-the-school-year breakfast party.

Mimi called me again. This time, she was conversational:

Mimi: Carrie doesn’t want to go to the rodeo/horse show tonight, so she can just stay with you while we (Mimi, Tommy and Pat) go, okay? Don’t tell her, though. She wanted me to pick her up when we got back, but I doubt we’ll feel like it.

Me: …

Mimi: Sarah? Hello?

Me: Okay.

Mimi: Okay what?

Me: I don’t know, I have to get dressed. Bye.

She had Carrie call me again around seven to have me send Isaac over to her house. She wasn’t running late or anything.

On the way home, I asked Carrie why she didn’t want to go with M, T and P (yeah, abbreviations = less typing for me, less reading for you!) and she said that she does and that M doesn’t want her to go.


So there you have it. I am writing this (I’ve spent three hours doing so and trying to figure out the right words) on Friday, but I have scheduled it for posting tomorrow – or Saturday – at whatever time this happens to post/I decide to schedule it for.

It’s currently 3:06pm. 3:26pm seems like a great time. What’s the importance of 3:26?

Alas, if you have not already done so, please consider…

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