Too blessed to be depressed

There are a lot of ignorant people in this world. “Too blessed to be depressed” read the bumper sticker on the car next to my aunt’s vehicle on the passenger side. I read it when we pulled into the parking space for Yogurtland and, well, was really upset right away. See, the church I attended in Wills Point may have had some nice people, but I asked for help many, MANY times all throughout last year. I kept finding out really bad things, asking for help – like, what would be the RIGHT thing to do? – asking if they knew of any place where there was something similar to Narcotics Anonymous, etc. all for all of my phone calls and emails and prayer requests to be ignored.

Because depression is apparently something you can control. Because having suicidal thoughts obviously means that you’re possessed by some demonic force or something, and that you’re too crazy to go there. So I stopped attending altogether. I remember seeing the member of the congregation that baptized me at Brookshire’s in December whilst I was getting cough drops and cough medicine and throat drops after work. Small talk. Then, “Haven’t seen you at church lately, something happen?” I said I had work and they wouldn’t let me off (because they really wouldn’t), and then that I’d try later on. I did go back once or maybe twice more, and then very sporadically after that. But then everyone knew because it was February all of a sudden, and Mimi had told them a lot. It was unfair, and how can you go into a building where people aren’t supposed to judge you when they judge you anyway?

I think that’s where I developed my intolerance for ignorant people as far as depression goes. I mean, they really have no idea – especially when they say, “What’s there to be unhappy about? You just should just be happy. You’re alive, fed,” blah, blah, blah. I mean, how am I supposed to deal with that crap?

So I have figured out that I need to keep the people who bring me down far and the people who actually care about helping me, will listen and respect my limitations, etc. nearby. Those that I have to keep far may be people I want in my life and close and whatnot (especially if they are family), but I can’t handle that. I lack tolerance for them. I wish they would want to listen enough to actually listen and understand, but they’re very closed minded and just… won’t. I can’t make them; I need to get over that.

Granted, they probably don’t even understand that when they ask whether there’s a cure, why I can’t just “think positive/happy”, etc. that it’s very offensive to me and hurts. I’m not “being sensitive” or “just trying to get attention”. It’s even hurtful when people choose minor things and/or just ______ and call it depressing:

  • This dress is depressing me.
  • I have no money to go shopping this weekend. 🙁 DOES MY JOB WANT ME TO BE DEPRESSED?!
  • Sleeping alone in a double bed is too depressing. (THEY’RE A TEENAGER)
  • Country music is so annoying that it’s actually depressing to listen to.
  • Blackberry cameras are so ugly and depressing.
  • People like to ruin my way of thinking because theirs is boring/depressing/stupid.

My most despised one, because I don’t think either is worse than the other:

Animal abuse is more depressing than child/domestic abuse.

Which, then (of course) gets YouTubers going against each other:

“HOW is animal abuse worse than human abuse?! We are people, and you’re putting down your own kind!”

“Yeah, I am putting down my own kind because humans are horrible people. They deserve to be abused. Animals have no voice.”

It keeps going for about 15 replies or so FOR EACH PERSON.

People are abusing the word mental malfunction depression, which is causing it to seem like such a pedestrian problem for/to those who actually have it.

Having zero Internet, a low-to-zero power of battery, not being allowed to tan as much as you’d like and so on is not “depressing”. Those are such minor problems that give others permission to feel like it’s OK to say to one who’s actually depressed that they’re “fine” and “can get over it” and BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

It really ticks me off. 🙁

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I completely agree with how the word “depression” is just being thrown around. I can’t stand when people treat people who are legitimately depressed as if they’re inferior just because they don’t use the standard old “I’m fed, I have a bed, blah, blah, blah.” Sometimes it’s hard to feel “blessed” when you’re down in the dumps. What a lame bumper sticker!

I wouldn’t really consider it ‘down in the dumps’ either, though.

Worst bumper sticker in the world! Seriously WTF. I can’t believe people seriously say stuff like that! There are people with serious problems and here are stupid people just misusing the word depression in front of them. Urgh people. I can’t believe there are ones who think people who are actually depressed are attention seekers. Well actually I can believe that since I’ve been there myself.

My friend is (half) Korean American, my ex boyfriend was Korean-Korean. Not much with race. It’s just that my mom says I’m old enough to be in a committed relationship so it’s okay to stay with my boyfriend but guys who are not my boyfriend will try to take advantage of me and that’s not okay.

You have every right to be ticked off. I would probably curse the owner of that car to hell. Yeah, I do things like that because they cheer me up. And then, my dad would question why I’m so depressed when I’m so blessed. -/_- I am not depressed. I was once as a teenager and I remember, it’s not something that can be controlled. These days I have a lot more major problems than back then, and I’m not depressed because they’re still minor compared to what happens in real depression.

I don’t like it when people call music depressing. Especially my music, like Sixx:A.M. Nikki Sixx might be writing about when he was depressed but that does not make his music depressing. Nor does it mean he’s trying to make others depressed.

My goodness, that’s the worst bumper sticker I’ve heard of. They could just as well state that “I’m too blessed to have cancer” or “too blessed to have pneumonia”. Depression is a disease. It hits anyone, no matter how blessed. And it definitely does NOT help hearing that you shouldn’t be depressed because…yada yada. That attitude really saddens and upsets me. It’s so far from the compassion of Jesus. You know, even as a Christian I’m agreeing with “I have nothing against God, it’s his fan club I can’t stand”. Not meaning everyone of course, but I think you get my point. I hope you have someone you know who can point at the compassionate God and help you ignore the ignorant judgmental fan club.