20 Bloggy Questions

I’ve taken questions from other surveys/blog projects over time and put them into one. If you do it, I’d love to know your answers[1. So please send a trackback or something so I can see it? :)].

1. Have you always blogged in this location (domain, subdomain, etc.)?

No. However, I like to think that people deserve second chances, thus why I started over completely. I’ve also matured a lot, so I’d rather be remembered as who I am today, minus the depressive bit.

2. What three blogs do you visit most frequently?

  1. Stephanie’s (Typically daily)
  2. Clarisse’s (I don’t want her to update and me miss it completely and her disappear again)
  3. Marina’s (She interests me)

3. Would you rather have 100 followers/readers or 100 comments?

Having 100 followers/readers doesn’t really do much. I’d rather have 100 comments, because to me that’s what matters more than the reader number. I could get x amount of hits per day, but if I don’t receive comments from that, then how in the world does it do any good to have those hits? Feedback over hits for me, all the way.

4. What do you like blogging about most?

For me, it depends on what is easier for me to blog about. It’s easier for me to blog about what’s on my mind at the time, whatever it may be that I want to share. Thus said, I think that’s what I enjoy blogging about most. The blog posts that are forced are obviously forced and more difficult to even write. I don’t force a blog post out of me anymore. 😉

5. How often do you blog?

I blog whenever I feel like it. I also have scheduled posts and drafts saved. 😉 They’re convenient, and when I feel like having something new up, I can easily do so without forcing out a blog post. Otherwise, I get really annoyed with myself. So, if I feel like having a new post on my front page already and I can easily cough up a blog post, then I’ll write one. I’m not going to deliberately waste a draft.

6. Is there a blogger you look up to? Why?

I don’t look up to anyone, really. I’d rather be myself and blog how I want to and do what I want to do with my blog. I’ve never looked up to any blogger. Bloggers are people, too, you know…

7. What audience do you hope your blog attracts?

  • No one under the age of 13, because 6birds is and always will be a blog of mature content, even if no pornography is involved.
  • Mostly those who are 18+.
  • People who have been/are being abused, because I feel like I can more easily relate to them.
  • People who suffer from depression/PTSD, as being able to relate to someone else with either of these is really a nice thing to be able to do.
  • Open-minded people.

8. Is there particular outfit you prefer to blog in?

It’s more comfortable to blog in my pajamas. If I’m not in pajamas, then I hope I’m feeling cute. Otherwise, a good blog won’t really come out of that effort.

9. How do you market your blog (attract traffic, followers, etc.)?

  1. I don’t do the “followers” crap.
  2. I tweet my new posts and occasionally share them to Facebook strictly under the people group/list/thing which lacks family members.
  3. The rest is fair game, I guess?

10. What do you find to be the most challenging about blogging?

Not getting burnt out. That has happened. Quite a lot.

11. What’s your take on the various 30-day blog challenges?

I don’t have a take. I’ve never done one. :p

12. Do people offline know about your blog?

Yep. They know the rules.

13. What do you do when you’re not blogging?

I try to not let my mind think on its own.

14. What’s your take on sponsored reviews?

They lack realism to me.

15. What will you never discuss on your blog?

How I do illegal drugs. Because I don’t do illegal drugs.

16. How do you feel about the “Read more” tag?

I think it should be used. I don’t understand why so many people are peeved about this. Then again, the people I find to be bothered by this are typically those on Blogspot who constantly center their text, only reply to their comments on their site (or via freaking EMAIL if you provide it), and make a collage on their sidebar out of 125×125 pixel images that link to other blogs who do the same thing.

17. Are there any bloggers you can’t stand?

Yep. Oh, were you looking for names? Sorry, I hate drama.

18. Is there something you wonder about your readers?

I often wonder if they understand my sense of humor. I have yet to receive a comment from someone who does. My humor is hopeless. I BET YOU THINK I AM YELLING AT YOU RIGHT NOW. I AM, BUT NOT IN THE UPSET SENSE. MORE LIKE IN THE SOMETIMES-WHEN-I-CAPS-YOU-PEOPLE-I-AM-NOT-FREAKING-SERIOUS SENSE. Sigh. I give up. Clearly, my humor is hopeless. It’s only understandable offline. Where there are people. Closed-minded people that I dislike. Oh, joy.

19. Name one thing you really can’t stand about some bloggers.


20. Do you see yourself changing your blogging location in the future? Why?

No. I’m very attached to 6birds, as it contains sentimental value. I really want people to remember me as “Liza” of “6birds”, or something along those lines. I want people I used to connect with to be able to find me after we were separated for what feels like forever and say, “YES! YOU’RE STILL HERE!” 6birds has become the domain that defines me. People know me by 6birds. It has become me.

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“8. Is there particular outfit you prefer to blog in?

It’s more comfortable to blog in my pajamas. ”

Yep! I would say that 99.5 percent of the time that I’m writing my blog, I’m in my comfy pajamas because they are my favorite outfit everyday.

“7. What audience do you hope your blog attracts?

People who suffer from depression/PTSD”

🙁 I’m sorry you suffer. I do too. {{{hugssss}}}

Hi Lisa,

Well that was a good interview.

I had issues with my hosting service today and do you know what the guy had the nerve to tell me! Delete some of my comments. I asked him if he was out of his frickin mind!

To me comments are the lifeline of your blog because without them you’ll never know what people think about what you’ve written. To go and delete them is now like I’m saying I could care less. That’s why I blog! Here, here…

Enjoyed getting to know you a little better and I love that you are your own person and not driven by what others think. I so admire that.

Thanks again for sharing these and have a fabulous week.


What??!! Delete your comments?! That’s insane. -.-

Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

Pretty good answers you’ve got there!

I haven’t always blogged on ilovebeingonline.com either. I’ve had plenty of other blog spots. However, ILBO is a keeper!

I’d rather have 100 comments.

I don’t like the read more option. I just honestly feel the reading should be all there.

Have fun! 😀

Hi Liza, this would be my first time stumbling upon your blog, and I have to say that I adore your layout! It’s so cute and colorful!
I’m also going to do your ’20 Bloggy Questions’, once its finished I will definately do a trackback!
Take care!

@Liza, it’s been posted here.

I think most of my answers will be the same as yours. I have moved from address to address for many years and the blog I have now is probably the longest I’ve stayed in one address/url.

I’ve never seen any questionnaires pertaining to blogging before, so this is really interesting. LOL sometimes I wonder if my readers gets my humor too….

But then again, I wonder more if they read it O_o

Comments mean more to me than hits, especially since you can’t always rely on hits: people view a site and never read the blog all the time.

Saving draft posts is brilliant! Sometimes I want to blog but literally nothing comes out. It’s the most irritating thing in the world. I should try drafting them.

I agree with not getting burnt out as the most challenging part of blogging. I tend to get really into blogging while I’m on break, and then I kind of get tired of it and don’t for a month or two. I always come back, but it’s just keeping it in moderation I suppose for me.

I don’t tell offline people about my blog (except for my two closest friends) just because I get real antsy about having access to my personal thoughts and reading my words. Plus, I feel like certain people (such as my family…) would make it a platform to make fun of me. It’s not that I’m embarrassed, I’m just not comfortable with telling most people.

I love the new layout, btw! I really, really like the logo with the bright colors!

I like your list of questions, you have put a nice list together. I do agree that comments add more value than followers. Followers are nice, but a bit of love from them is nice-r? 😉

I don’t tell to offline people my blog. My blog is sort of my diary, and I don’t want my family to read some things I write down. I don’t mind if others read it… I don’t know why this is, lol.

I read a blog entry once where a blogger described comments as the “holy grail” of blogging. I think that pretty much sums it up for me. Page views/hits are great, of course, but a comment is tangible. If I’m going to look back at a blog entry from a year ago, comments are a much better indicator than hits as to how well-received that entry was!

Hello 🙂 I love the new theme you have here. I’m sorry I’ve been out of the loop lately. <3 I especially love how you've done your site name/logo.

This was an interesting questionnaire to read. I don't know if I'll do it though; I feel like most of my answers won't be as interesting as yours. I have to agree with you about using "read more" and disliking big blobs of text.

Thinking about what I prefer to wear when I blog made me realise that I really only ever blog in "home clothes" or pyjamas. Something mega comfy. I have blogged at work or at uni a few times but it's felt really "off".

I know people would say Georgie of Heartdrops all the time, but they can't anymore, and reading the answer to your last question made me just a bit sad. But hey, things change and they have changed, but in a good way. Also, I remember you quite easily as being from 6birds. <3

I might do this sometime. 🙂 I like a lot of your answers. I agree that commenters are more important than followers. About 8 to 10 people regularly comment on my blog, which is more important to them than having 50+ followers but never hearing from three-quarters of them.

The 10/15/30-day challenges are kind of nice if you get into a “blah” period when you don’t know what to write about. There are several listed at https://heckyeahtumblrchallenges.tumblr.com.

* more important to ME, not them…haven’t had coffee yet.