Broken Glass(es)

It happened when I was watching Bridesmaids. I had just stood up and finished making my way around the couch when I heard a PLOP! I looked down into my drink that stood before me on the end table, and all I saw was a white piece of ice that hadn’t melted all the way – but it looked a bit transparent in the blue-colored water (Polar Ice-flavored; Kool-Aid flavor packets). I picked it up and took a drink carefully because I was thirsty. Just because it looked fine didn’t mean it was completely fine.

I sat back down and noticed my glasses weren’t the same. The right nose piece had fallen in my drink! -.- I cautiously poured it out into the sink[1. I mean, why on Earth would I still want to drink that?!]

Long story short (and personally because I don’t feel like being detail-oriented tonight), I found the piece in the drink. Yep. It’s quite odd how it just sort of … I don’t know … fell off? -.- I mean, it fell off. The piece fell off whilst it was on my face. My glasses broke whilst they were on my face, and I didn’t even do anything to cause them to break (or in this case, the piece to fall off).

I put the nose piece in my glasses case.

The fact that it happened really annoys me. >.>


Aside from Bridesmaids (the funny movie), I also watched The Time Traveler’s Wife. I thought it would be a really cute and sweet love story – not a cute and sweet love story that would make me cry. Still, it was a great movie. 😉

I definitely recommend you to watch both of the movies, however Bridesmaids has a lot of adult humor in it (it’s rated R). So if you’re under eighteen, to save my own self, I don’t recommend that one to you.

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Oh my goodness, I saw Bridesmaids and I pretty much peed myself laughing. It was so funny. I loved the raw humor in the movie! xD

I’ve never seen the Time Traveler’s Wife, but I’ve read the book, and THAT was amazing. I’ve heard the movie….. sucks… so I’ve never gotten around to seeing it.

Have a nice week! 🙂

Wow that is rather strange! Maybe something had happened to them previously and they were just waiting to fall off? I hope you are able to fix them!

I’ve broken so many pairs of glasses before – I used to snap them right in the middle or a screw would come loose so my lenses would fall out. :/ It’s annoying when they break though, especially when you can’t see anything without them.

I found it quite funny how it fell into your drink though LOL – you’re lucky you heard it, otherwise you would have drank it with your drink. 😛

I haven’t seen either of those movies – I’m not a big fan of movies, but I might watch them at some point. 🙂

My nose piece just fell off; I didn’t lose a lens or anything. 🙂

They were really great movies. One was just hilarious, and the other was super sappy and worth crying over… The other day I watched The Lovely Bones. That was really good, too. ^^

I know!!! It’s a scary thought!! :/

I heard from my friend that Bridesmaids was really funny because the actors improvised a lot. I shall watch it after my exams in December. No time now. 🙁
And that MUST be really annoying to you, I would have been super irritated too if that happened to me. Strange things just like to happen like that.

According to an interview, your friend is quite right! 😛

Yeah, it was wonderful. /heart