Calculating Diversity

I’ve went to some pretty diverse schools in my lifetime. I really like them, though, more than the small town schools where everything is practically closed in. I’m sure a lot has changed over time about them, but they’re still nice schools since I went.[1. Excluding the schools that were just overall different, of course, like Dessau Middle School in Pflugerville.]

Since I’ve had Facebook, I receive friend requests from people I knew in middle school from time to time. It’s kind of cool, I guess, to see what they’re up to. Not all of them actually care enough to actually TALK to me, but I guess that’s fine?

One of the coolest things is that a best friend I had in middle school is back at “home”. I’m not sure if it’s her home country/the home of her parents/etc., but it’s still cool. Her college looks nice. ~

She is in the Philippines. My dad has been there a few times. He used to have to travel to other countries a lot when he worked for Accenture.

My senior year of high school I had classmate who was the same age as the teacher. She’s from Pakistan. Apparently their education is more different from ours than I ever thought it could be, because college to them is high school to us! She is still living here. :p

Anyway, my point is that diversity is good. I grew up attending diverse schools. I’m also lucky to have gone to Trinity High School and graduated from there – they have so many opportunities available to high school students!

I hear about a lot of people I know stating they hate Canadians, and yet they have never even met ONE. Or they think that everyone from the middle east is a terrorist. Clearly, not everyone from the middle east is a terrorist.

Not everyone who has dark skin is Mexican. (Ahem, I’m American, with Irish, Indian and Scottish in me.)

Not everyone with depression can get themselves out of it. (Because it’s a serious medical illness, not a choice.)

Not everyone who listens to rock looks like the band members and wants to cover their skin in piercings and tattoos.

Must I go on?


…also, I’d just like to say I really can’t wait for everyone to see 6sticks! Those of you who have seen it seem to have loved it! 🙂

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