I’m so annoyed right now. I just want to scream, break something, anything — I want to do anything. I hate how, whenever I post something on Facebook, people start assuming shit. I really freaking hate it. That is when I find myself wishing I shared my blog with people offline. However, if I did that, more assumptions would be made, and I’d probably be in the nuthouse by now.

This happened. (link unavailable)

I especially hate being told what to do. And then I’m stuck, unable to defend myself, because people keep commenting the damn status when they completely miss my fucking point. Just a warning: If you can’t handle cursing, get out right now. I’m so pissed off at the moment, and I’m too invested time-wise in Wild Ones to just deactivate my Facebook[1. Not to mention tons of people would freak out and wonder what’s wrong.].

I just hate it. I want to go fucking ballistic on people who comment me with such content because they completely missed my point. I WAS JUST SHARING A FUCKING BLOG POST THAT ANGERED ME.

If you’re a member on Wanderlust, I posted an even more detailed explanation of my feelings.

Sarah pick yourself up brush off and keep going

Sarah move on with your life.

You are wasting time in your life on could ofs and should ofs

Make peace with it and move on or you are going to wake up one day and find out you are old and are still dwelling on the same problems.

Make peace with it and move on or you are going to wake up one day and find out you are old and are still dwelling on the same problems.

Make peace with it and move on or you are going to wake up one day and find out you are old and are still dwelling on the same problems.

Make peace with it and move on or you are going to wake up one day and find out you are old and are still dwelling on the same problems.

Make peace with it and move on or you are going to wake up one day and find out you are old and are still dwelling on the same problems.

Even with the poor grammar, these lines still hurt.

I’m not dwelling. Sharing that fucking link was not a result of dwelling. I talk about something related to abuse or a happy memory I had with my mom, and I’m bombarded with assumptions and accusations related to dwelling. There’s a difference between dwelling and PTSD symptoms.

I don’t think of the could haves* and the should haves*; I think about what would have helped me the most if someone had been fighting to spread awareness, and then I attempt that for Abuse Aloud.

My eyes are stinging with salty tears that are begging to escape.

Feb 2018 edit: This same woman divorced her abusive husband about a year or two after this post. I don’t think that excuses her actions; if anything, she should have understand? Or she could have not said anything at all. I’ve never used Facebook for the interactions; I don’t care if my posts get “Likes” or comments. What I share on Facebook is carefully crafted (and censored) updates because I know they care. I censor them, because the real me is almost everything they can’t stand. I make that sacrifice so they don’t have to be too negative around me…and so I don’t have to face their negativity head-on.

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A big electronic hug to you!

So, I think that the people who commented are a little bit right – when you do get your PTSD and MDD under control, it WILL be as if the chunk of the past is behind you – but still a part of you. It’s hard to explain, but I can only go on observations of recoveries that I’ve witnessed. However, while “move on” works for most people, for you, “most on” = “get rid of that PTSD already!” which is much much easier said than done.

Perhaps avoiding Facebook for a while, or using a different social network could help? People I know on Google+ post things that ager them all the time and rarely get shit.

Seems like you’ve moved-on already but the people around you didn’t.. 🙂 They must have always thought that you’re the same as what you were before.. and that’s why it was so easy for them to throw ridiculous comments and totally missing your whole point. Even if when you corrected that you didn’t write it, somebody agreed the first comment.

If it happened to me, I would probably be either mad.. or sarcastically make a comment about how small their brains are.. if they have one. No offense to them if they get to read my comment. D;

This is why I don’t like Facebook not Facebook itself I guess but how people reacts on Facebook. It’s absurd. Some tend to overreact and miss the whole point…

Yea, I’ve also come across some comments that seem to completely miss the point of my post, and I find it really disrespectful. I would hope that I wrote clearly enough as to not cause any confusion, but sometimes I get a comment that’s waaaay off the point. You’d think if you spent so much time into writing something, people would take the time to read it carefully at least, or not comment at all. I actually try to reread just to make sure I got the message of the post correct just cause I find these kinds of comments really insulting.

I went to go read the post that made you mad, and wow, that story @.@ It only came from the mother’s perspective and I suspect there’s waayyy more to the story than that, but even within just the mother’s side, there were instances where I got really mad. I think it sucks that you just wanted to share that you were angered with that post and then have all these people assume all these wrong things @.@ And I “love” how the 2nd comment completely disregarded you and just agreed with the 1st comment -.- Oh, people….

I hate getting attacked on facebook. It usually ends with my telling everyone off. Just stick to your guns and do what you need to do, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

Gah. I absolutely hate it when people make assumptions. And this Anita lady really jumped in a pool of assumptions, and wrote a long detailed comment for you. DA FUQ. Can’t you just share a link in peace? Not every article you like or share doesn’t have to be related to your problems. People need to understand this.

I also wonder if this is an old persons thing. Lol. I noticed their profile icons and it seems they’re a lot older than us. I think older people are more opinionated and careless of what they say to other people, especially to YOUNGER people. They’re also not very internet savvy.

I understand your frustration, ’cause I would have just been pissed. Even though you can’t deactivate your Facebook…you DO know you can put people on the “restricted list”, right? I have a few family relatives who I put on the restrictive list, and really, what it means is that they can’t see what you upload or post unless you make it public.

@tiff, I didn’t know about the restricted list… where is it? o.O

@Liza, Facebook > Privacy Settings (upper right hand corner) > Blocking (on left hand side) > Restricted List


@tiff, Awesome. 😀 Thanks!

The story left me a bit speechless. The thing about Facebook is that you have to be really careful about what you post with all of the people giving their 2 cents even if it’s something irrelevant. It’s kind of sad that people invested so much time into writing those sort of comments when they didn’t comprehend your main point. You were just sharing a story that happened to someone else! Sadly, there are people who will jump on conclusions. Worry not, this is your life. You’re in charge and ain’t anyone getting the best of you, right right?

I saw a few visiting my blog from this link so thought I would check it out. I am sorry that the blog post angered you.
The blog is a confidential space for ANY one to use to share their fears/experiences anonymously and gain support. Some feel that by sharing their problems it helps, of course there are certain topics that will always cause upset/annoyance to others BUT that’s why I blog.
I don’t shy away from mental illness, I myself am bipolar. I talk openly about domestic violence, sexual abuse and many other taboo topics.
I am sorry to hear that by sharing a blog post from my blog has caused you upset x I took a look at a few of the comments and to be honest “stop dwelling on it” for me is bloody patronising.
Shit happens yes, BUT it affects us all in different ways.
I raise awareness of abuse and mental health as you are doing too – so see this as a positive at least you got people to notice 😉 Even if they were not very supportive x

@The Real Supermum, Don’t be sorry that a post from your blog upset me. I like to read things that made me mad at times, because it reminds me that it’s happening and although it may not be the exact same situation, I’m not alone. It doesn’t bother me anymore now, though; the comments on my Facebook page do. 🙁

If I offended you, I really didn’t mean to. 🙁

I just get attacked and assumptions made when I talk about anything related to abuse as if it’s not at all allowed to be talked about. That’s what this post is mainly about.