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I started to explain everything in my previous post, but I got to rambling and fell into another discussion/thing I wanted to post in a post later…oops.

Basically, I start a lot of projects. I’ve been wondering about what I want to do with this blog for a while, because I really want to do well with A Dash of Jane this time around. I’m going to slowly change and/or delete some posts I feel are irrelevant to me these days. I’ve hit a point where I just don’t care about the things that tick me off anymore, because I expect those things to happen. Since I link to a lot of my posts, I’ll probably just edit them to something chill that also won’t stir up a mega load of drama, or whatever. I mean, several posts already have, but I’m really trying to convert this blog into a thing I really want it to be. I don’t know what to call it…6birds is my baby, and it will always remain a hobby thing, but my interests have expanded. Thus, 6birds should expand to include those things.

I’m going to figure out a way to rearrange my categories later, but the following categories will definitely exist:

  • Code: Because Liz and Code is gone, but I like to dabble in code a bit for fun.
  • Life: Obviously, this one will stay, but I’m considering making it more varied. “Health” and “Aspie Life” posts will be moved to “Life”. In the end, my whole life is my life as an aspie, and my health pertains to my life… it just makes sense. I’ve come to a point where I’m not sure what the difference between my everyday life and my health (allergies, among other things) is anymore, and having a category that fits as an umbrella tickles my fancy more than having to decide when my everyday life becomes part of my health.
  • Projects: Because I have a ton. This way, I can just tag individual projects as needed, and I’ve an umbrella category for the lot.
  • Blogging: Because I like to blog about blogging sometimes, and I’d rather put ’em here than crowd my allergy lifestyle blog with them, because I get annoyed when food blogs constantly post about blogging tips instead of cooking tutorials or something. Also, I’ve mentored people before and am frequently asked various blog and SEO questions, and it’s a topic I can so easily write about, so I’m going to. I want to.
    • A subcategory may be “Blog hacks”, because I do a lot of things without plugins/third parties, and I like the way it sounds. But it might also not happen. Or it may just be the name of the parent category, with an imaginary “Who cares?” attached to it for it not being the usual, generic term “Blogging”.
  • Places: Because Charlise and I go a lot of places, and we may go to many more in the future, and I like it more than “Travel”.
  • Case studies: Case studies can be fun to read. I’m not sure WTF A/B testing is, but I like to try a lot of different things with my sites, which tend to gather cool and unexpected results. Thus far, I’ve only ran experiments on Crunchy Family, 6birds and HostClearly, and I’ll only be able to add A Dash of Jane to the mix, but not having a place to really share these things is super boring.

Categories I’m definitely keeping are Memes, Photography, Entertainment, and Writing. The latter two’s subcategories will likely become tags… and my tags will be organized into better tags, thanks to my newest categories/better blog categorization, because I’m not going into a structure hoping to just nail it as I go this time.

I’m also going to start leaving comments with as my URL…provided I remember to do so. I feel like it’ll make me feel more accountable if I do.

My goal is to slowly transform 6birds into a website I don’t mind people finding, mostly because, if A Dash of Jane doesn’t work out (for whatever reason), I feel like this domain is literally the only place I’ll be able to actively keep up with. It’s my longest-ever commitment if you don’t count my life; I did this to myself. 😛

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[…] some concrete plans for 2016 in a few days. 🙂 I’ll also work on organising 6birds into its new categories [and tags] over the next few […]

I just went through this post and the post before this about the same topic, I wanted to say that I get exactly where you’re coming from… I have so many IDEAS!!!! that have so much potential, so much good that could come from them… But then they fray away after I start them because I can’t keep up, or I lose interest, or something comes up to deter me away. 🙁
Every time, I tell myself I’m going to get more organized about things I do, and try to organize myself, but after a little while, things to disarray again… (The cat shelter thing is awesome. I hope you’ll figure it out! My classmate from college recently opened a cat cafe in DC, where she gets cats from local shelter, which are all up for adoption, so if a client finds a cat they especially like while chilling at the cafe, they can adopt them…and if not, at least they have a nice home to stay until they can! Super cool.) I’d always be up to bouncing ideas off… I wish I could reorganize my brain too, so that I can really narrow a field and purpose to start application process for a non-profit…
Anyways, since I fell off the face of the blogisphere a while ago, I hope to make a come back and get back to reading your blog (can you believe it; your blog was the only one I read every time someone updated for a year or two before I lost track of blogging…). Wishing you the best in your projects!

I admire how Georgie emphasizes on doing it if it’s fun, and I lost myself for a while by doing what others wanted me to do instead of doing what I actually wanted to do. I’ve changed, but I’ve felt like I’m supposed to keep everything the same, because a lot of people in my life act like I should stay the same—like time is paused for me—yet they also want me to do x and y.

But I really want my projects to display who I am, as I have changed over the years, and represent my interests and thoughts the way I personally see and experience them. I’m tired of people in my life deciding what I like and want to do for me… I guess this is my way of sticking it to the mat.

I’ve never been to a cat cafe, but I’ve heard them and always thought they were really cool! That I know of, there aren’t any in the Garland/Richardson/Plano suburbia area.

I’ve decided to write an idea down and sit on it for a while. For example, I’ve always wanted to create a web series and am finally going to get into that in 2016. However, I didn’t want to actually let myself invest time into it until I knew I wanted it, so I began brainstorming story lines…I’m now set on five seasons being a definite thing (though, if possible, six seasons would be preferred (heh)) for the first one, with each season containing ten episodes and up to fifteen. I also started a file to hold things I think I want to come back to. ^^;

That’s so sweet! Thanks. :3

Sometimes you do have to make changes, especially if they feel like the right thing to do. It can be great to have categories organised and planned. I hope it won’t be a big hassle with the tags. Mine are a huge mess. >.<

I like the direction you are trying to take 6birds and I’m excited to see some of your new posts, especially about blogging. I find it hard to keep my categories simple. I’m always editing them and trying to simplify/condense and I can never just get it right. :’)