College + Blood

If you don’t like the talk of blood, or the talk of blood coming up, skip this post. If you read anyway and get sick, don’t get mad at me. I warned you. -.-

I might begin favoring Wednesdays instead of Mondays, since Wednesday is the last day of the week that I have school. Make sense?

Don’t tell me if it doesn’t.

I’m not exactly cranky, I just feel like crap. I’m having medical problems again. And I have menstrual cramps.

With my medical problems, I have cramps before I cough up blood, have nosebleeds and/or throw up blood. On the bright side, having my stomach ulcer/acid/crap acting up makes my period lighter, so sure. I guess that’s great? Long story short, I’m still being nice today; I’m just not reacting to anything that’s wrong.

In English I had to write an essay about a recommendation for a movie/book. I doubt I did well. I think I finished brainstorming, writing one draft and writing the final copy in forty-five minutes. The entire time I had horrendous stomach cramps and was constantly trying to not throw up or cough.

I’m going to get the number to the doctor and schedule the soonest appointment possible. I think my mom said it might be a month away.

Do you want to know what the doctor did? He screwed up with math. If there is anything you don’t want a doctor screwing up, it is:

  1. his diagnosis and
  2. his calculations.

My perscriptions were supposed to last me about 6 months, and they lasted merely 3. He screwed up on the refills and the amount given, and did not measure the two perscriptions together. -.- One is taken twice a day, and the other is taken once a day. They have to be taken together, too.

Another problem that happened was that Brookshire’s ran out of my stomach acid medicine and only gave me enough for about three or four days. They did order more of the medicine, but I had to call in for a refill, and that counted as another refill. -.-

I would much rather just get a shot every month for the next year and have this medical issue stop messing with me than have to deal with stupid refills and whatnot.

I almost went to Dallas or Fort Worth today. I say or, because there are two exits. I had to turn around and go the other direction. I was wrong: Tanger Outlet is not before TVCC; it is after.

Good thing I left for school early. >.>

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So my computer didn’t want to connect to your site for the longest time. And I finally figured out that it was something with my network and not the computer. So this wireless network works. Let my rain of comments begin! Muahahaha! 😛

A doctor screwed up? Grr… And we pay them so much too! I hope that you get better soon! Cramps suck, and are just infinitely painful.

Yup, it’s awful when doctors screw up. That is why you should never trust 100% in them, but check the prescription & medication that you are getting. So you’re not getting the wrong one or wrong amount etc.

D: I hope the medical problem wont be too much of a problem (:! I hate having heavy periods. It makes me having to get out of class every time to change D':! I cant stand having on a pad even if its like… A light period for 3+ hours. :X

I`m sure you did well on the English assignment :)!

What I hate is that appointments takes up to a month to process. What the hell is that? When we need a doctor, we better get one quick. You can`t plan illnesses! 😛 And if its just for a refill, its nothing biggie. And its not even your fault too!!!

Your domain collective has a nice name :D! :O I would so have one, if I have a bunch of domains :P!

I’m glad my website is finally growing! I want to add more content, so I’ll have to get creative. I don’;t mind SOTM’s really, to me they are easy and reasonable, but we all have our opinions 😀
My mom has an LG rumor 2, too haha, she just got it last month. I’m more of a smartphone person now that I’ve had one for 3 years, and honestly, I would never go back to “normal” phones.
I requested to follow you on Twitter a few days back 😀

I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with menstral crap anymore! I get the birth control needle and you don’t get it except for 3 times a year, which is VERY nice. Blood grosses me out, when its my own I could pretty much faint LOL but I can stand others, like if they have a nose bleed or whatever. Maybe cause if its my own blood i feel like im going to die haha!
I’m glad your not having your ‘usual’ problems that come along with it. Thats always a good and nice thing 🙂 I hope it stays that way.
Your doctor screwed up your medications?! omg!!!! Thats terrible! That can be such a bad thing for certain medications, but I’m glad your fine and nothing bad ever came from it. He should seriously pay attention a lot more. I know their busy, which most docs are, they often forget things or do the wrong things, but stilll… not an excuse for that kind of slip up.