Curiosity killed the cat.

I love cats. I’m a cat person. This I know for a fact.

However, when I look out my window to see Jackson and Bella in their pin just looking up at the tree in the middle of the pin (in the front yard), I lose all sanity. Or maybe it’s not like that. Perhaps it’s more like a funny moment because you’d expect to see the cat dead on the road and you think, “And this is better because…?” simply for the fact that the cat would have really had better luck on the road? Or at least if it had died on the road, then it hopefully wouldn’t have been in as much pain as it would have in the dog pin with the dogs ready to tear it apart.

Sorry for the graphic description; I couldn’t stand to write, reread or even think it, either, but that’s really what happened.

Anyway, yesterday it was Rosie – Nosy Rosie. My mom and I had let all of the cats in (minus Savannah, who was outside; we’ll get to this later), and Rosie (who usually came ASAP) didn’t come as soon as the others, or even shortly after.

We went to the front yard, and my mom started calling her and heading to the road. I heard a cat whining, and sure enough Rosie was up in the tree.

To spare you all of the details about how we had to fight the dogs off of her, we got her out safe and sound. Cats give off odors when they feel threatened, so changing my shirt soon after was a huge must.

Today, I looked out my window to see the dogs looking up at the tree. It turned out to be Johnny.

Booger taught them this, we’re sure.

It’s just really frustrating. And that tree isn’t one that can be climbed, either. Our lives were made difficult.

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Let’s hope that the cats have learned never to climb that tree! Looks like the dogs aren’t very nice to it. Worst case, you’ll have to save each cat only once? Hopefully, they’ll all learn from each other and that they won’t climb up the trees anymore.

Hurray for cat lovers! I’m just wondering, what is a pin? Is it something like a house/bed for ’em animals? Seeing cats and dogs ran over is just horrifying- but somehow, I have no sympathy for squirrels, raccoons, or possums that are ran over. :c.

I never knew that cats stank up the place when they’re threatened! I’m just wondering why my friend’s house smells– if the 10+ indoor cats are the reason. It’s just a weird thought.

Tree climbing cats are just a part of your every day life :P. You just gotta… Get used to saving ’em 😛

Meh, I meant to say pen. I noticed the spelling error. :L

Yeah, 10+ cats indoors can make the house smell if it’s not constantly being cleaned. …This includes making sure all the cats are not having accidents! P:

Meh. It’s in the dog pen; they know not to go in it.