Dance or Die

I promise to do the prompt[1. “Describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn.”] for #blogtember at a later date. Right now, I’m not going to, and those reasons will be announced later on, when it is eventually posted. c:

I like the music up loud. I can feel the beat — the music. I don’t care much what that does to my ears, just as long as I can feel the music. If I can feel the music, then I can let it take over. And I can dance. Maybe this is why Footlose is an all-time favorite movie of mine.

People say that when you feel the music is when you really feel the meaning and learn to love it. I love it when I can feel it, and if it doesn’t have feeling when it’s turned up loud, then the lyrics have to mean something or it has to sound pretty.

I think this is why I love rock music and Britney Spears so much. I feel it, and I don’t always have to dance to it, but sometimes I can’t even help it.

Freshman year I took a dance class at Forney High School. A girl on the dance team twisted her ankle and did something to her leg that caused her to face the fact that she may never be able to dance again. I have knees that enjoy going out of place ever so often without notice or legitimate reason[1. According to me, there is no reason for this shit.] and carpal tunnel, but I still dance.

It made me wonder what I would do if I couldn’t dance anymore. I love it too much. Dancing for me is in line with blogging. I don’t know what I would do. As long as I could feel the music, I wouldn’t necessarily need my hearing. But if I lost dancing…

What would you do if something happened that prevented you from doing something you love to do ever again?

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Dancing really means a lot to you it seems. Thank you for sharing your story!

Music. Definitely music. I love to play it loud and I look forward to driving in the car or walking so I can listen to my favourite songs. Another one would be reading. Songs and books are both capable of eliciting such a range of emotion in a short period of time. You can pick them to suit your mood or to change it. There’s nothing like it.

Dancing just like writing is cathartic…we do it just like we do anything to relieve stress or make life that much happier. If there were something that I loved but couldn’t do anymore it would be devastating. Most of us don’t realize how suddenly things could be taken away and what we would do if it were. Thank you for sharing your post.

Music and dancing are definitely two things I love. I used to love what I call my music nights when I lived alone. I would play all my favorite music and dance all over the apartment. I was so freeing! Now I walk with a cane and no longer dance, but I have great memories and still enjoy music more than ever. Music feeds my soul. As long as I live, I know I will have music.

Man, I didn’t know I would have to flex my brain this evening. I really enjoy blogging. If I had to stop then that would be really tough. It is an outlet for me as well as a great way to meet people.

I love to dance too. It’d be hard, but I think I’d have to learn to love something else rather than dwell on what I’m not able to do. I’d really miss dancing though!

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