Dating Pet Peeves

Ren only did five of these, so I suppose I’ll do merely five of these, too. Isn’t that much easier than listing out the flaws and annoyances of each of my exes?

1. Smoking

I have asthma, and smoke and smokers don’t help that at all. I try my best to stay away from them so my breathing doesn’t screw up and so I don’t have to use an inhaler or anything like that thanks to attack that was caused by the smoke and the smoking. Aside from that, the smell itself is overall putrid to me. If you smoke, please don’t take offense.

2. “I want to just make out with you all day long.”

Okay… Is that all you want to do with me? Because I might just slap you in the face. In all honesty, it sounds quite boring and time consuming. We could do other productive things that won’t create the possibility of us getting carried away into something more intimate… How about walking in the park? We could chat and such and get to know each other better than feeling up each other’s bodies – which is the farthest from mesmerizing, if you ask me. …But how could you ask me when you just want to kiss me all day?

Whenever guys tell me they want to kiss me, make out with me and blah, blah, blah, I seriously want to just barf right there – all over them. Relationships aren’t all about kissing, and if you get to within a month or two of us being in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, then kudos to you, bud, because you did something right.

3. Saying “I love you”, talking about our wedding and our future children

Really? My wedding is not going to be what you just described because it’s so different from the traditional styles of wedding out there[1. I plan on blogging about this in the near future]. Also, our future children are just that – future. We aren’t engaged to be married, and our wedding isn’t even close to anything going on right now.

For some odd reason, I’m never the first person to tell my partner I love them… Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? …Also, it isn’t okay to tell me you’re in love with me when we’ve only been together for two months. Three months is cool, I suppose, but I would prefer it be after the stagnation stage of our relationship.

4. When guys are more clingy than I

A lot of hand holding and PDA is not me. In high school a mere hug was perfectly fine with me, but the guy always seemed to want more. Or hey, if you’re just walking me to class, and we’re talking on the way there and I don’t happen to hug you before leaving you, don’t get all ticked off at me. It isn’t that big of a deal to me. However, there are times you should freaking hug me… Like if you’re in front of your friends, maybe? I don’t expect it, but when they talk about your ex-girlfriends in front of me and how she did this or was like that, then it’s not okay. It’s just annoying, and it’s as if they’re saying, “Hey, you’re not like that at all,” and it’s just really difficult for me.

Text messaging me a lot and/or relying on the Internet or our phones is not the best thing to do. I’m not going to carry my phone with me everywhere I go, you know.

…Do we seriously have to spend every waking hour together?

5. “You’re not even trying to make us work.”

-.- Then why are we still together? I’m not your mom; I’m not going to baby you. I might not always be around. I don’t like mushy-gushy/cheesy crap unless it’s a rare occasion. Most importantly, I am not going to just sit there and act like you’re “the best” thing that’s ever happened to me whilst you continue to talk about your ex and/or do any of the above that aggravates me more than public speaking[2. Ironic, huh?]!

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Comments on this post

Sorry its taken me a year to get back to you! (well, not quite a year but you know haha). Thanks! The course went by so quick, its unbelievable. it feels great to have a title to my name, although I don’t want to work in that field. Well, I do, just not as a personal support worker.

I agree with all of these. I hate smokers as well! I don’t have asthma (well what i mean is i havent been diagnosed) but smoke always messes up my breathing and makes my throat feel like its closing up. I do have an inhaler, though. Asthma runs in my family.
Ew, I’m not much of a PDA person either. I hate when thats all guys want to do with you. ugh.
I’ve never dealt with a guy whos more clingy than me. I think. Well I guess one was more clingy to me than I was to him, but it wasnt to a scary point, I felt good cause I felt needed LOL. But I guess to be young and in love is a different story than now 😛

It’s alright. 😛 It’s taking me a long time to catch up on comments, but I am slowly catching up again! 🙂

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Ah, this is a great blog idea. Yeah, people who smoke around other people without making sure that it is okay with them are pretty insensitive.

Kissing all the time annoys me too! Unfortunately about 95% of guys only go into a relationship so that it is appropriate for them to touch a girl more than a friend would, so we just have to find one of the guys that is not part of that 95%. Some guys do care more about getting to know a person better (and not just their body), so don’t give up hope yet.

Some people can definitely bring out love too quickly in a relationship. It really makes the other person feel pressured to say it too and it can cause all sorts of problems! But yes, waiting a while before you even start discussing love is a good idea. I can’t wait to hear about your wedding plans!

Mm, I bet it is awful when people start talking about your boyfriend’s exes and he doesn’t defend you or make them stop. D: Too much PDA is pretty annoying. You just need to find a guy that doesn’t really like too much physical contact either and then you should be pretty happy!

The fact that he plan on telling me until I had to practically find out from someone else. >.>

My mom knows what my plans are for my future wedding are! I might just make a video log of it, though, so that I can explain everything better! 😛

Yes, that is what I am looking for. 😛

It seems like you’ve dated a few people that just didn’t suit you at all. Hopefully, the guys get better with age? You did just barely finish your teenage years, so hopefully they’ll be more mature now. My comments on each of the points below:

1) You’re a nicer person than me on this one. I wouldn’t even go near a smoker. Smoking, to me, is simply disgusting, especially with all of the stuff that gets in your lungs.

2) I think that making out would have to be a part of all of the relationships that I have, because I don’t mind getting physically intimate at all at the moment. Kissing is okay. Kissing in lieu of doing other things is not.

3) I have heard that you should let the guy say “I love you” first because girls are stereotypically the ones who fall in love too quickly. My boyfriend and I tell that to each other all the time – but we’ve been together for more than two years.

4-5) I thought that it was the girls who were usually clingy, but after reading your and Ren’s post… sigh Guys are silly sometimes.

I’m hoping for more maturity as I come across guys this year…

1] He didn’t even tell me smoked until about a week into it after I asked him why his friend asked me whether I smoked weed with him or not… I had broken up with him ASAP. I think he still has feelings for me, but I’m happy just being his friend. We lasted barely a week.

2] I suppose, but I’ve also had bad experiences with it much deeper than just bad first kisses, so…

3] Well, my exes have all said it within about a week or two of us dating. /fish

I used to not mind smoking when I was a teenager because it was ‘cool’ and rebellious and whatnot but now I think it just looks trashy. ( sorry, Mom! – lol my mom still smokes : )

“You’re not even trying to make us work” – Any guy that says this, in my opinion, is a whiny, over-dramatic, ‘my mom still does my laundry’ brat! Guys should not complain about relationships, that is the woman’s job!

The making out and the I love you thing should definitely make a light bulb go off – If a guy you just started dating is telling you all these overly sweet things, then you know what he is really after, and its not intelligent conversation!

Haha I should blog about my dating experiences… Or better yet, write a book! =P

My mom used to smoke. She smoked whilst she was pregnant with me. I think that’s why I have asthma now?

I know, right?! His mom really does still do his laundry, and he literally pouts and makes people feel bad when things don’t go his way! he was really sweet and fun when he wanted to be, but I didn’t like his selfish side. On top of that, why was he allowed to go over to his “best friend’s house – who is his sister, by the way – (they’re supposedly somehow related; I didn’t fully understand that)” who just happens to be his most recent ex that he is still in love with when I wasn’t even allowed to TALK to my best guy friends? -.- When we had broken up, I had to text message his step mom asking her to block my number from his phone because he wouldn’t quit text messaging me. He still Facebook messages me whenever he gets a girlfriend telling me I’m the one who hasn’t moved on because I don’t have anyone yet.

Yes! I don’t mind it (not that I have really gotten into any of that that much yet), but when the guy wants it excessively, then it’s definitely a no-go.

Yes! I love reading blogs about dating experiences. It’s really fun to me. 😛