A Day in the Life: December 2017

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A Day in the Life is a linkup in which bloggers share about their day-to-day lives. This is the last post in the linkup series. If you’re interested in taking over the reins, email me so I can update the tag to say the linkup has since been taken over by you.

I may post additional “Day in the Life” posts to share peeks at my days, but they will not be in part to the linkup.

Today, I feel proud of myself because…

I loaded the dishwasher. Energy was lacking, but ’twas better than standing around waiting for my beans to heat up in the microwave and hack up all that ails me.

If I could have done something different today…

I couldn’t’ve helped it, but I’d have tried to go to bed earlier. I’ve got another cold (last one was October), so I’ve got a nasty cough. It is down to an asthma cough, though, so…progress?

Today, I wore:

These green-and-lime leopard-printed shorts similar to Soffe, but of an off-brand version sold by Walmart several years ago instead. I’m also wearing pink-and-dark-pink-striped V-neck with a white camisole covered in silver foil-like design that was pretty at first, but now I just want to remove all this silver and have it plain. The foil is similar to glitter, in that I find it in the weirdest of places and it sheds.

Today, I read/watched/listened to:

I started reading, and am still reading, What Lies at the End. It’s also called At the end of the Road. I’m not sure how Korean-to-English works that makes it similar, but different.

Something funny that happened today:

I coughed and coughed until my voice was hoarse.

The last text/status I sent/received today:

“Exactly.” (technically sent @ midnight-33 on the 4th, but only because I forgot to press “Enter”.

Something I ate today was:

Cheerios. White beans. I’m not sure what else there is that isn’t going to make me cough and my throat itch.


Irritated, tired, discontent—coughing is exhausting. Each cough feels like someone’s forcing the wind out of me.

A note about today:

I feel like it’s funny that I’m doing ADITL today because I was trying to practice my new “no post on Sundays” rule, and here I am—I scheduled a Day in the Life post for today. The whole point is to not do it on the same day of the week and/or month, but still. Ha. So…this is a rare occurrence. I try not to do blog stuff on Sundays.

(Even though I forgot to post it before taking a shower.)

This is super meta, but I linked this post up with another blogger’s linkup. 🤣

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