A Day in the Life: March 2017

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A Day in the Life is a linkup in which bloggers share about their day-to-day lives.

I know I rescheduled this to yesterday last-minute, but I ate some food and immediately fell really sick. I thought it was good poisoning, but I’m the only one who got sick…so maybe it’s a sign I should cut back on lactose. ?

Anyway, you guys can always do these on a different day. You needn’t wait on me. ?

What time is it?


Who did you speak to most recently?


Also, a note on pronunciation (because it’s weird when people pronounce it differently or mention her in insult attempts in context that suggests their ignorance): GRAND is emphasised, then it’s “mama”, like “Mama”. It’s not “grand” and “mawmaw”, or even “grand” + “ma-maw”. #barf

It’s so easy a baby can easily say it. ? And the abbreviation is pronounced “Gee” + “Mama”.

What does your last sent message (text or IM) say?

It’s alright! (AIM)

How was the weather?

I don’t go outside everyday, especially in the spring (or ever), but it’s rather hot inside, so I imagine it’s the same outside.

How was your day?

It’s not over yet! But I no longer feel like I’m gonna puke my brains out, so I will be getting stuff I need to done today.

A word to describe your mood today.


Did to you consume an adequate amount of water today (64oz. is an average; it can be unhealthy for some)?

I usually do. I’ve been bad about it lately, but I don’t want to overexert my body and consume too much again (one side effect: diarrhea). ?

Anything that didn’t go according to plan?

My life. Heh. But more specifically: I forgot to take an antihistamine after midnight today, and I take them after midnight so I don’t wake whilst it’s still dark. So my allergies are so alive today, and I’m feeling it in my face. ?

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I read it as “Gee” + “Mama”. 🙂

Feeling groggy is terrible! I remember when I first learned that word, I made a point to use it whenever necessary. It describes that feeling very well.

Lactose is SO GOOD THOUGH AND I LOVE CHEESE. I think that yesterday when I ordered a soy chai I got regular milk, because my stomach was not feeling good after that. Poopity poop. ?


Also: I have heard someone say it like guh-mama. I laughed. ?

Oh dear 🙁 Hope you feel better! Intolerances are awful…

‘Gmama’ is super cute! ^-^

Personally, I found it more helpful to keep a bottle of water always nearby (or on my desk), so I’m sure to not forget to drink at least every two hours. I try to drink to thirst and add a couple of glasses to that, but it depends on your needs, too.

(Yay, I made it to join the linkup at last! 😀 )

– Lu