A Day in the Life: November 2017

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A Day in the Life is a linkup in which bloggers share about their day-to-day lives. If you’re interested in taking over this linkup, email me! Next month is the last month on my part, and if no one takes over, this linkup will die out.

Today, I smiled because:

I saw my baby cousin Solara.

One kind compliment from me to myself for today:

You did good today.

Today, I am thankful for:

People who care about me.


Black-and-white animated picture of a bunny sitting in a miniature office who falls over when it falls asleep

I practiced self-care today by:

Eating Taco “Beeno”, as my cousin Charlie calls it.

Tomorrow, I need to:

  • Do laundry
  • Read(!)

One quote from today, taken out of context:

“Why you be acting so neglected, Solara?”

One pleasant photo from today:

Photo of my desk, featuring the various contents of it

If I wrote a song about today, it would be titled:

Sleep, Eat, Sleep, Eat

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Comments on this post

Hope someone will take over the linkup! I remember linkups being super popular a couple of years back but what happened???

It’s good that you practice some self-care with some tacos. Solara is such a cute name! Ugh, I wish my desk is as neat as yours but I have stuff all over the place @___@. Have a great rest of the month!!

Yeah, they seem to have really died! I think maybe…we’re getting older and don’t have the same time?! I don’t know. I forget about them. :/ Ugh. I always loved them ’cause they were great when I lacked a clue what to blog about.

Ah, you love cars—she’s named after the car, a Solara, that crashed into her mom’s/Charlise’s vehicle when she was pregnant with her. 😂 Her name means “sun”, and her initials mean the same (SOL).

Pshhh. My desk is only neat ’cause I cleaned it off. 😂 I also took photos of it being messy. It’s rare that it’s so clean!

Interesting… Maybe I should do one of these, too. 😀

It’s amazing what a simple compliment can make someone’s day — proof that we all need positivity and empowerment even in our daily lives.

They’re fun. 🙂

A note about the compliment: It’s from myself. 😅 The prompt’s purpose is to practice self-care. 😉

🙂 I hope that November will be a good month.

Thanks, Kya! I hope it’s good for you, too. ♥