Dental Surgery Update

OH MY GOSH, that hurt. If having a decayed tooth[1. Disgusting, I know.] removed doesn’t hurt as bad as having the wisdom teeth removed, I’m terrified to go get my wisdom teeth removed next year. They prescribed hydrocodone, a pill I put everywhere on allergy sheets due to the fact that it gives me utterly horrendous nightmares contrary to its pain relieving ways, and I wish they’d prescribed the 800 mg ibuprofen instead so I could take an entire dosage of pain reliever instead of just half in order to [hopefully] avoid the majority of the pain.

I was supposed to sleep, but I only made it to halfway sleep mode. And I’m certain they thought I was asleep. Nope. I was half awake, half asleep, and half high off whatever that oxygen stuff they gave me was. I zoned in and out of “awake” (to which they told me to “go back to sleep” when I was never asleep to begin with), “asleep” (being in dreamland-slash-highland) and completely high in highland (where I dreamt of being in the rain forest as a rain forest bird and the rain forest was a roller coaster/amusement park to animals). However, he did numb me well because I didn’t feel anything. When he used his noisy tools, the animals and I all organized a protest for the company that was trying to cut down the trees. Like I said: I was in highland.

As for food, I think I’m just going to continue to rely on potato soup because it seems to be the easiest thing to eat. Maybe smoothies later. This shit is not as all it’s cracked up to be; I didn’t expect to feel this horrible.

Now to refill my ice pack and attempt sleep.

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I hate when they mess with my mouth Liz, I feel your pain girl.

I had my wisdom teeth out probably 17 or 18 years ago now. The process itself wasn’t bad but they left part of my tooth in and the pain was unbearable. I had to go back and they didn’t deaden that to remove it so that was the last time I ever stepped foot in that doctor’s office.


Oh no 🙁 I hope the pain is starting to subside, did they say how long it would hurt for?

I’m terrified of getting my wisdoms out, I’ve considered it a few times but it’s to scary.

They said it would for a few days. I’ve got pain pills to take every 2 to 3 hours and gel that they gave me and an ice pack. But it still hurts.

I am so sorry to hear about what happened. 🙁 I haven’t had my wisdom teeth pulled…probably because I didn’t get any. It could be why I’m such a ditz? 😀 I hope that the pain goes away soon.

I haven’t had mine pulled yet, either. :p

I’m surprised your dentist doesn’t get the message “I’m allergic to hydrocodone. You need to give me something else!”, though.

People I know who have had their wisdom teeth removed say that they were eating nothing but soup and cold soft things for a few days, so what you’re doing right now is entirely normal. At least they got you to a state where you couldn’t feel the pain, though! High >> ouch (I’m just very thankful that my wisdom teeth are fine)

Oh poop. I am sorry that it is so painful. I hope that it will be gone soon. *hug*

Why don’t you just take 4 200mg tablets of ibuprofen?

It didn’t work the same. And the prescription one allowed me to take 2 800 mg tablets of ibuprofen. D; The ice pack works okay, though. It numbs my face. ‘s’nice.

Four 200mg tables of ibuprofen will release its dose at the wrong rate. My guess is that it’s too much ibuprofen at first, and then it wears off too quickly.