Dream catching, vol. 1

I’m lowering my antihistamine intake, because my body tends to become immune to the medication after a while, but also can’t handle full caplet dosages (25mg) on average. When I have to go up to the full dose because half isn’t working, I know my body is becoming comfortable with the medication. It’s also blatantly obvious when I stop having such weird dreams on antihistamines. Yes, my allergies will become worse again, but the last thing I need is to become so immune to this stuff I’m overdosing just to get better.

I actually remember this dream vaguely, so I decided to attempt to share it. Take it for/as what you will. I linked some words and phrases to what I can only imagine is what influenced them.

I am an active member of a forum-based [written] role-playing community, on which I’ve a plethora of characters (circa 15, with two upcoming). One of these characters is Leda, whom I created a Polyvore set for shortly before bed. Also before bed, I reorganized her collection. I had Leda on the brain, obviously. I’d also brainstormed episode events for my upcoming (circa 2016/2017) web series, entitled Jane After Dark, which I am currently screenwriting.[1. Not really to become famous or anything, but because I’ve always wanted to start a web series, and also because I have a humorous take on a theme I’m tempted to give away, but am forcing myself not to.]

Leda and her sister are twenty-seven years old.

The identical Van Oord twins had to take TX state testing, starting with the science portion. Science was never my strong suit, so somehow, I became Leda, and we were suddenly the same people in one body. However, Leda was still her play-by, which basically made me Adelaide Kane—I looked like myself only to myself.

The twins had recently moved to a small town from their hometown and country, Cape Town, South Africa. In this small town were swingers. Leda met a guy, Johnson, who was cool and all, but not totally her type. He was odd and only went by his last name. Johnson was a native to this small town; he was obnoxious and having second thoughts about the town’s elders’ “family” values, but not enough second thoughts to change and do something about it.

The twins, namely Leda, were definitely not fans of the town’s traditions and values and expectations. Obviously, my dream was an experience of Leda’s point of view. Leda expressed this to PTX[2. I listened to this song, and White Winter Hymnal, interchangeably and on repeat for several hours before bed, including yesterday.] member Kevin, who was a native to this small town and part of the radical group, which included the rest of the band. Pentatonix was planning to run away together. I mean, anyone could run away; everyone was an adult. This intrigued Leda, but she was worried about getting caught; the town didn’t like leaves.

Leda was soon kidnapped the evening before the necessary state testing to attend a party at Community Square, the town’s community center, with other people of participating age; all citizens were required to have one “stable” partner, which would become the person they lived with and aimed to start a future (family) with. Leda arrived at the party, where she was assigned one guy as her stable partner, whom she confided in and found to feel the same way—Nick Bateman.

However, Nick and Leda were soon pulled away from each other. Nick had already met his “quota” for the month, and the community wanted to test Leda’s loyalty to the town. Leda was handed off to Johnson, who was more than happy to spend a few hours ravishing Leda, but she wasn’t interested and excused herself; she locked herself in the bathroom. A window appeared in the bathroom, and she crawled out of it as quickly as she could.

Later, Leda found Nick and told him she didn’t do anything with Johnson. She also explained how annoyed she was with this town and how they needed to get out of it, with her sister and their friends in tow. Nick agreed.

The next morning, the twins, Johnson and Pentatonix all boarded the school bus to go to school to take the science test.

Kirsten was furious, though, at not being allowed to live her life the way she wanted to, and yelled at the bus driver, an elder, about how she’d had it for the last time. The rest of thee Pentatonix members followed suit, yelling at the bus driver. Upset, the elder stopped the bus and opened the door. “If you’re done, you can leave. You’ll be shunned from the community and will never be allowed to return.”

“I will never want to return,” she remarked as she grabbed her things and headed for the door; the rest of the Pentatonix members followed after her, with Kevin flashing Leda a hopeful smile.

Athena, sitting next to Leda, stood. “I’m sorry, sis, I have to.” She left with the band.

“Anyone else?” the driver asked once the group exited the bus. “Now is the time to leave, or forever hold your peace.”

Leda was frozen and scared. She couldn’t leave Nick behind, but she figured he would have left already if he really wanted to.

“I’m so glad you stayed,” Johnson commented quietly from the seat behind Leda as the bus driver began driving again.

“Wait!” Leda screamed as soon as she felt herself thaw. She couldn’t live without her twin sister, and she definitely couldn’t stay in this hell hole. The drive stopped, and Leda exited the bus. It began to rain, and she was suddenly wearing a two-sizes-too-big grey hoodie, so she covered her head.

The next thing the group knew, they were at the high school and shuffling to their classes, with no recollection of how they’d wound up there, of all places. Johnson sat in the desk behind Leda. My high school maths teacher, Mrs. Castro However, the classroom soon became the kitchen of the house I live in, which…was weird.

And for some reason, I was worried about getting in trouble for already opening my test.

And I had an iPhone I’d just got, in addition to my Android phone. I didn’t know how to turn off the iPhone, which didn’t turn off the way they do in reality; there was a switch under the case on the back (you had to pull the phone apart)[3. I blame last night’s episode of Supergirl.] to switch it off. Mrs. Castro found it. I was the teacher’s pet (heh).

Then, Athena entered the room and everyone was surprised, for some reason, to learn I had a twin.

I excused myself to go to the restroom, and took my backpack and test…because that was where I was going to take the test. Oddly, when I returned, everyone was eating dinner Whoville-style.

Then I awoke.

In case you missed it, the natives of the quaint town were swingers [and expected to continue to be such].

Also, I’ve just realised how little detail I can recall from my dreams the closer it is to when I awake, as well as the more I become the primary protagonist. This is not the first time I have dreamt about my characters/not starred in my own dream…it’s actually the ‘norm’ for me.

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That actually sounds like a lot of details for you to remember from a dream! I’ve never connected having somebody or something on my mind then actually dreaming about that thing. In fact I usually don’t even dream anymore because sleep is peace and quiet time haha. I remember back when I used to roleplay for a while in high school because writing was funner than studying and I think I attempted at writing them out, but I think I gave up eventually.