Frequently asked questions

Please consult these questions and their answers before emailing me with questions.

Autistic Jane

Will you review my book?

I’m not currently taking book review requests, because I’m much less likely to read books that I’m obligated to read. 🫠

Can I guest post for you?

I do not accept guest posts, but I will soon accept guest features of a specific nature.

I have a link to an article I think your readers will enjoy.

No, you don’t.

What all sites do you currently have?

Domains that redirect here:

  • masonjardiy(s).com

Previous domains

Previous domains used for my blog include,,,,,, and

Can I use one of your photos?

It’s always best to ask me before you do it, if you’re not sure whether it fits my permissions policy.

What is your niche?

My special interests. 🙃 The better question: What is my demographic? What are my stats? If you think I have little to none, you would be underestimating me. 👀

For Jane

How old are you?!

30+. I know, I know. I’m like a vampire.

Will you date my girlfriend?

I don’t want to date your girlfriend. It’s not cool of you to ask that, no matter how shy she is?? Like?? That’s not a flex?? Stop??

If you have to preface that you know it’s an odd request and hope I don’t feel uncomfortable, DON’T ASK IT. It’s EXTREMELY CREEPY when men ask me to date their girlfriends.

✨ P.S. I don’t want to date anyone’s girlfriend, wife, partner, etc. — ever. I’m monogamous and don’t want to share. 👀

Do you support LGBTQ+?

Yes. I am one, so definitely. 💖

Are you religious?

I love and follow Jesus. 💖

Why do you use different names in different places?

Because I have dissociative identity disorder.

Do you really have dissociative identity disorder?

Yes, and:

  • The system’s name is the Mermaid System, formerly the Darling System.
  • Fusion is our endgame. We hate living as a multiplicity, but for now we practice functional multiplicity. At present, Jane is the intended final host/alter.
  • System’s pronouns are they/them. Collectively, we are Jane Lively.
  • System total is 15 14 15. Used to be more. Moving was stressful.
  • The littles are not allowed online.
  • It’s not okay to ask to speak to a specific alter.
  • It’s not okay to ask who’s fronting right now.
  • It’s not okay to use DID against us maliciously later just because you’re mad.
  • It’s okay to ask for alter-specific content and/or for an alter to write about a specific topic. (Contact us.)
  • The headspace looks more like Inside Out instead of a house, castle or neighborhood.
  • If, in person, you witness long-term dissociation, make sure the environment around us is safe or get us out of harm’s way.
  • DID definitely affects dating. System does not inter-date.

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