February 2016 in a nutshell

I’m starting a new thing for myself, wherein I post small lists of things that happened throughout the month. I wanted a sort of recap post to be able to keep memories for certain things, because I struggle with remembering things that have happened, and it sucks. Sometimes, just having a segment of something can trigger a memory, so hopefully this will be a little more helpful than the mental/imaginary recaps I’ve been trying to make/keep.

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I found a lot of old books I forgot I had and wondered the whereabouts of various times; I was reunited with my one of my favorite-ever books, Because of Winn-Dixie.

I bought Seeing Ezra by Kerry Cohen and want to throw it at several people I’ve encountered who have viewed my autistic pride in a negative light.

Why is it that people apologise—or worse, try to break me down and tell me why I’m being weak—when I proudly boast, “I’m autistic.” Why do I feel so much like I have to hide who I am? I’m really sick of it. I’m done hiding it. I’m autistic. I’m proud. I’m against finding a cure for autism, because I cannot be separated from it. If you disagree/despise that, it’s your choice, and you can CTWL+W your way off this website.

“…He doesn’t need us, not at all the way we need him. […] I want to go back with [Julie] and find those doctors. I want to ask them what they thought they were accomplishing by telling a young mother, a vulnerable woman in love with her child, desperately afraid of what was happening, that her child would never do certain things. […] I want to take back the things we lost … the nights that shouldn’t have been spent wide-eyed and terrified. I want them back…”

Memorable moments

  • My USB mouse died. It wouldn’t light up. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, because I’ve been having issues with it for several months now. I just…didn’t expect for it to actually give out or for that to be the problem. But in its defense, it’s old. I bought a new one from Amazon, though.
  • I realised I’m scared of what people will think of the real me. I thought ‘A Dash of Jane’ wasn’t working out because my other domain is six years old and has street cred, so it’d be easier, but I realised it’s because I’m scared people won’t like who I am. Charlise helped me realise it doesn’t matter what others think of me and that, in being myself, I will find people who like me for who I am—not the persona I pretend to be just to please people.
  • I’m not a big chocolate fan, but I found my old night top. XD (The sign on her desk says to come right in if you have
  • But…then I also realised, well, I just want to be on 6birds. :p
  • I went to LEGOLAND for a media preview of the new 4D movie (post coming soon/eventually) on Friday.
    • The post will be the first in my new series, “Explore DFW”.
  • Saturday, I went to the Perot Museum with Charlise and her boys, Charlie and Chevy, and with her surrobabe’s daddies (they’re adorable). This is especially memorable, because I ran after Charlie, and my knees, being the horrendous things they are, wouldn’t stop with me. I fell forward and wound up skinning my knees and toes (flip-flops, yo), and my hands are bruised and pants ruined. I’m also not supposed to run, especially during the wintertime, because my knees do this thing to where they go out of place sometimes. I forget what it’s called. >.< Anyway, my ankles are also a lil’ bruised.



The 100, Shadowhunters, Law & Order: SVU and a few other series consumed some of my time. Limitless, Young & Hungry, iZombie and Grey’s Anatomy finally returned from their breaks this month. I’m quite happy for The 100 to be back most of all, because it’s one of my utmost favorite series; I never know what to expect with it, so I’m almost always on the edge of my seat.

I’m really nervous for Teen Wolf.

What happened this month for you?

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I’m so behind on Shadowhunters. Ugh. 🙁 Why are you nervous for Teen Wolf?

Because Mason is the beast, and I ship Morey.

Hope your knees get better and the Perot Museum? I wanna go, but never went. Dallas is too large! I swear it!

Nothing much happened in Feb for me. It sucks.