Flash fiction: Haven

Begin November 2017 edit: Nothing ever came of this. It was formatted weird from the start, and I’m not sure how to fix it?? I tried. But I’ve categorized it in writing and tagged it as flash fiction. If anything, the core of this story is what inspired me to write Maddie Grace, which was originally what a “fan fiction” version I wrote was going to be (I know, I know: so confusing oshbigosh). (End Nov 2017 edit.)


Haven sat at the back of the classroom like always and prepared for advisory. As she began to work on her homework, a pile of books being dropped onto her desk. “Ow!” Haven cried, quickly taking back her hand, and looked up at the back of a boy’s head. “Are you blind? I’m sitting here!” No response. Sighing, Haven picked up her things and put them back into her bag. By this time, the boy was somewhat facing her. She stood, and he sat down.

“Excuse me? I was sitting there, Kevin!” Haven exclaimed. After waiting a few moment for a reply, she tapped his shoulder. Nothing. She frowned and reluctantly sat down at the desk next to Kevin. I’m not invisible. This is just a dream. This has to be just a dream…

No one noticed her at all that day. When she arrived home, things only grew worse.

Her parents weren’t home, and her room wasn’t the way she’d left it. Dropping her books onto her bed, Haven changed into more comfortable clothing, and then she left to go to Nicky’s house.

The first few paragraphs are really rough. I’m not sure if I am going to make this a prose piece or if I am going to be able to continue it enough to make it have chapters.

Summary of “Haven”

After a car wreck, a seventeen year old adolescent struggles to find out exactly what happened to her and her family and why she is the only immortal one on Earth. Haven finds comfort in her best friend since birth, Nicky (Nicholas), who helps her discover that there is more to life than meets the eye. After learning material objects aren’t the key to life and/or happiness, Haven strives to live a [somewhat] normal life as an immortal being.

Teasers for “Haven”

According to my [offline] best friend (and long distance friend), Alice, I am “horrible” when it comes to teasers and cliff-hangers. I’m also known to change the plot, so don’t get attached to the way the storyline is currently going. 😉

  • The key a second chance is that something is golden.
  • Sometimes people don’t “fall” in love with someone because they’re already in love with that someone.
  • Haven is not only forced to give up her life and material objects, but she is also forced to watch her three-year ex-boyfriend mourn over her death and then fall in love with someone else.

Blog Questions

  1. Does it sound okay? I know the wording is off, but how is it so far?
  2. Where do you think the teasers are going?

I will be posting the updates on [redacted].

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