Footprints in the sand

This goes with Sara Healy’s post.

Who made the human’s footprint?

The human’s footprint was made by someone going through another hard time in her life. But it wasn’t her – it was the child in her that many people see.

Who made the bird’s footprint?

The bird’s footprint was made by the same person, but it was the part of her that wanted to fly away – the part of her that merely a few people knew/know.

Why were they going in opposite directions?

They are going opposite directions because that is how people see it. However, she wants all of her to move forward, but she wants the history to stay behind.

Where do you think each of them was going and why?

Forward so history can’t repeat itself. Unfortunately, their mission has failed.

The Special Challenge

Imagine that the bird and the human stopped at one point and saw each other. Each can only say five words to the other. What would they say to each other?

“Can you please help me?”

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