Hacked, starting over

Basically, I got hacked again, and I lost all my recent posts – including the Goodbye, Seek Liza one. It’s really frustrating, but blah. Oh well.

I’m moving the posts and attachments to one WordPress for convenience so I can at least somewhat start over on 6birds. It’ll be like starting fresh, but I’ll still have my old blog posts (thankfully). I think I’ll also just start with a fresh installation of WordPress on this domain once I for sure everything I need on the WP for my old blogs.

I’m still here, promise. It’s just going to take some time.

knew I should have also posted Goodbye, Seek Liza on seekliza.me itself, but oh well. It’s “fine”, I suppose.

Although I’ve all my old comments on it, it is not accepting new ones.

Fresh installation means fresh tags and categories. And I don’t want to lose my entries completely. Therefore, this seems like the best route for me.

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Comments on this post

You got hacked again? Grr… I will punch that hacker for you if I ever meet him! 😛

Hope that the changes don’t take too much effort. Let me know if you need help, and I’ll try to scratch up some time for you.