Hey, world!

I’m Jane. 👋 I introduced myself last year, but World Hello Day happens every year, so once isn’t enough.

For the “About” section on my Facebook profile, I got some people I converse with on a regular basis to describe me because when I say those things about myself, I come off as pretentious and angst-filled. I decided to let three ladies do the talking for me today instead of chattering on about myself, ’cause I do that all the time and need a break.

From Georgie, an Australian blogger I’ve known for nearly a decade:

At the​​ ​risk of sounding like a broken metaphor, Jane is a force to be reckoned with. She is an incredibly open person, if you want to welcome that. And believe me, you should. Over the years I’ve​​ known her, she has developed into a strong, determined, no-bullshit woman, at the same time unafraid to embrace toilet humour, introduce deliberate sass into a serious discussion, or poke a joke at a friend with feigned innocence. I enjoy talking to her a lot and I feel like all of these wicked qualities put us on the same level, and we understand each other whether we’re in the pits or on cloud-nine highs.​

She’s interviewed me previously.

From Jamie, also a blogger, whom I’ve known for several years and met via TCGs:

Jane is one of the smartest people that I’ve been lucky to meet through TCGs, a code wizard and brilliant writer. I’ve always enjoyed working on projects with her because she has her own unique creative style and a lot of technical skill to back it up. She is always fun to talk to and is one of the most down to earth and reasonable people I know.

Lastly, from my paternal cousin Charlise:

Liz is my favorite cousin. Shhhh, don’t tell the others. We are a lot alike and it’s awesome to have someone I can bond with. She is super smart, loyal and helpful. Kind and thoughtful, but mostly fierce. She may be quiet, but she won’t let you get away with doing wrong. It’s good to have someone like her on your team! 💗

My aunt did make one (that’s private). I asked an ex-boyfriend I just got in touch with, and he never responded. #royalfail

My about page did recently get an upgrade, though minimal.

What about youuu? Introduce yourself if you haven’t already, or give me like three things about you.

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I love these testimonials from other bloggers!! You are indeed an amazing, sassy, and scary smart blogger superpower. I always love finding inspo from you. <3

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