hope? finally.

So I told Mimi about my quitting my job once I got home. I figured it was either now or when it was too late. I chose to not put it off and to kick Anxiety in the butt and tell her sooner rather than later. I decided I’ll make videos and post them on YouTube. I don’t know how often they will be made, but you should just know that they are [most likely] going to turn out quite horrid. It’s not like I can help it, though.

Having time to myself is going to allow me to do ‘unfinished projects’ I need to finish. This includes but does not limit to reading the two books I recently bought, watching the two movies I’ve recently bought (still haven’t watched The Princess Bride or My Sister’s Keeper) and even cleaning my room so I can rearrange it eventually as well. I’m rearranging it to allow me more… well, more dancing and singing space. I’m pretty good at singing, but I only record myself for myself. I like to try to imitate my favorite singers. I also enjoy adding my own flare. XD

I keep getting customers who come to the register JUST FOR a money exchange/thing. It’s extremely frustrating because they seem to think all of the registers have all of this change or even worse – that we can literally go to the place with all of the money and just switch it out in a snap. We can’t. Actually, we’re not even supposed to leave our registers. Fortunately, not every customer who does this gets angry with us. I’m sure a few customers want to shoot the cashier, though[1. It’s a spin on “Don’t shoot the messenger.” Cashiers are technically messengers. So many customers already shoot us cashiers pretty much just by yelling and whatnot.].

I’m also going to try to pick up some paints and paintbrushes and some black poster board and try to work some painting into my time. Photographing trees and going for walks is also in my mind’s plans. I’m really trying hard to be happy. I really need it a lot. I also think I need to not surround myself by so many people. Oh – and I might also make some bracelets and sell them on Etsy. BUT ONLY if I think they’re cute. *has to relearn how to make unsucky bracelets again*

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[…] I told Mimi about how I quit my job, or at least turned in the two-week notice, and she had taken it quite well. Unfortunately, before I even had my last day of work to get over and done with, she was already asking me about where I’m going to go next. …Because I was supposed to know, right then and there, and even though I had saved up some money with my paychecks, it didn’t matter that I was going to be staying home and trying to figure out who I was again. […]

[…] ago Mimi asked me where I am going to start looking next – as if she doesn’t understand once again what I meant when I said I just needed some […]

Congratulations on telling Mimi. How did she take it? Have fun with your side projects. It sounds like the kind of things I used to enjoy doing when I was your age.