I am…

This is mostly a sarcastic post.

Goth/Gothic because I…

  • like dark colors.
  • have painted my nails black more than eight times.
  • have clothes with skeletons on them.
  • have dark brown hair (it’s natural).

Preppy because I…

  • like to wear shorts.
  • like to wear short shorts.
  • like to wear flip-flops.
  • straighten my hair.
  • have highlights (but mine are natural).
  • like to be cute.
  • like to look cute.

Girly because I…

  • like to paint my nails.
  • like to straighten my hair.
  • like to smell nice.

Normal because I…

  • shower regularly.
  • use deodorant twice a day.
  • take care of my teeth.
  • am straight.

Emo because I …

High maintenance because I…

  • like to eat food fresh.
  • prefer frozen vegetables over canned.
  • don’t like to use public restrooms.
  • am a picky eater.

An introvert because I…

  • don’t like to go shopping.
  • don’t like to go to the mall.
  • don’t like to go out to eat a lot.

A tomboy because I…

  • am not always girly.
  • can be as obnoxious as a guy.
  • don’t wear makeup.
  • hate wearing dresses.
  • rarely enjoy getting all dressed up.

Rude/Mean because I…

  • am honest.
  • prefer factual evidence.
  • will tell someone why I don’t think something is a good idea – especially if I have done it before.
  • like to do things my way.
  • believe that there is sometimes more than merely one way of doing something.

A killjoy because I…

  • follow the rules.
  • am logical.

Dull because I…

  • take some things seriously.

Desperate because I…

  • like to flirt.
  • talk (but not flirt!) to guys that are taken.


  • I am insecure about some things.
  • I am confident with myself.
  • I am single.
  • I am silly.
  • I am loud.
  • I am quiet.
  • I am creative.
  • I am a blogger.
  • I am a dreamer.
  • I am ME.

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Comments on this post

mhm I like this post! haha I do not really know how to comment about it, but I’ll try! I am also preppy cause I straighten my hair. hah Though it doesn’t stay straight:( I hate using public restrooms too… you never know who used it… ew.. I think i am creative too! haha And I am single and a blogger. I flirt a lot too. I actually think I flirt a lot.

YES i believe the same thing that people are in your life for a reason. like he was in my life for something good, i guess. He helped me which i am happy about. We kind of talk. yea I think i need to let go.sorry for late response!

This is nice aha, I love memes like these rather than the typical about-me surveys. I don’t like how someone must be goth for having dark hair though.

Ohhh that’s sweet then! A nice way to help a girl have a better Christmas. =)

Wow you must be in northern Texas, it rarely snows before Christmas here even …