I have a big blog.

When it comes to my website content, I’m a hoarder. I seriously won’t delete anything. I’m just too worried I may need to use it later. I mean, what if I get inspired to create something out of it? Ugh, I guess I need a flash drive for all of my website junk so I can have it OFF my laptop (so I’d be more up for organizing it and such). I’ve actually considered having flash drives for my stuff. One for pictures, one for my website content, one for my writings, etc. It just seems like it would be much easier to be organized.

…Not that I am running out of space. I have 359 GB free of 454 GB. …AND I HAVE A LOT ON MY LAPTOP.

Anyway, the point of this post is that the only themes I have on 6birds online are the Twenty Eleven theme (because WordPress needs it to function, whoops) and this theme that you are seeing now. I suppose the images could very possibly be a problem as well, so over the next few months I will be looking through my media gallery to see which files are not needed (which will most likely lead to some yucky missing picture posts).

How much disk space do you use? All that is in my cPanel for 6birds.net is 6birds; it’s just this blog. And this blog alone is taking up a little over 4GB. I’ve only had it since September 2010 – and that is starting over-wise. I’m sure it would be bigger if I had not have chosen to start all over. P: Is it normal for it to be taking up so much space? I have enough for it, but I just find it so shocking that it takes up so much!

And it was more – when I originally started downsizing 6birds, it was nearing 5GB+. Is that a lot, or is it okay for a blog that has been going on since late 2010?

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I’m the exact opposite. Once I’m done using things I delete it off of my cpanel, domain, and my computer and store everything on a jump drive. Photos, work, papers, anything. I hate when things take up space. I think it’s because I have this obsessive need to clean everything I own, including my little part of the inets, lol.

Couple more things –

1) WordPress installations take about 10MB
2) Assuming that you have access to a file manager in cPanel, you can go into /etc/6bird.net and delete the logs
3) This might reduce the size of your MySQL database table a bit
4) I do delete content that I don’t want anymore. But I haven’t deleted much, and my blog has been around since the summer of 2010.
5) The files in my site are located in two places on the server (in /www/ and in /public_html/), which actually doubles my space usage.

My blog is taking up about 50 MB of space and the MySQL database is about 8 MB in size. I have no idea why your blog is taking up so much space (or why my blog, which is mostly text, is even taking up 50 MB). My guess would be that there are backups being made automatically and stored somewhere on the server that you can delete.

I totally forgot about that plugin! Via FTP, I am currently deleting 285 files. It’s set to 2 per day, so… that’s 142.5 days worth of mess. P: From long ago. It’s now down to 2GBish. 😀 Thanks!