Identity theft, children, the internet

Do you think about what you share online?

Yeah, yeah, you’re thinking, “Dude, I’ve heard this before…” Right?

Sure, but still. Maybe you have. But this is my “Online Safety” article from my experiences and whatnot, and I’m sharing them anyway. No one said you have to read it.

If you have children – or even with your friends, siblings, etc. – you shouldn’t share their full names online. According to this article, identity theft can happen to children now. I’m guessing that this is because all everyone/anyone needs is a name now, and with that they can pretty much find anything else: With a name,  they can research for more information, yes? Or maybe they have connections[1. They being identity thieves.] with someone who can.

If you have a webcam that stays plugged up to your computer all of the time – or anytime, really – it can still be accessed, even if you are not using it. When you are NOT using your webcam, put the lens cap on it or unplug it!

I’d get into the dangers of online dating and whatnot, but I would rather keep what has happened with a few friends of mine a secret, private matter simply because I respect their privacy. ^^ Just … be careful, okay?

Another thing is that anyone can lie. You’re online. How old were you when you made your first MySpace account? What about Xanga? Like I said, anyone can lie. Anyone can carry something on and on if they want to. Or, someone you think is lying could also be telling the truth. You can’t know for sure – even if their “friend” knows them offline, too. I suppose a picture would be proof enough, or even a video, but then things get so complicated.

This was sort of a rant. I think. Mostly geared toward adolescents (or adoes, as I call them).

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Hey, Liz…
I know, my dad constantly reminds me of the dangers of posting anything online. I really don’t share ALOT online, even on my personal facebook, whereas everyone else are so open on theirs. It’s scary that anyone can see everything you type/do online!


Yep! And people don’t understand that, even if your Facebook profile is set to completely PRIVATE, anyone can STILL see your stuff!

Hey, Liz…

I know what you mean about internet privacy and I agree with what you posted. It all boils down to how responsible you are in handling everything you do online and that includes the amount of information you share online, too. Kids these days must be extra careful but I wont be surprised if they end up far more advanced than us. It’s pretty obvious that the generation today has changed so much.

I would never share full names online. I use first names, but I would NEVER post a last name. Even with my own last name, I’m super cautious. A lot of the times when signing up for things, I’ll use my middle name as my last or just put my last name with one different letter so it’s not actually the same. Even on facebook (where I have online friends) I don’t have my real last name. I’m super cautious with all of it, because I don’t want anything to happen.

I do admit though, I’ve given my number to people I didn’t know too well and I ended up wishing I didn’t. Nothing bad happened, she just got really annoying and it was to the point where I couldn’t do much about it because she had my number. She’s not an issues now though, haha. And my webcam is built in to my computer, so I’m not really sure how I can turn that off haha.


I’ve given my number away to people online before. I role play, so it’s kind of like no big deal to me… Haha. 😛

I guess that can be recognized as a bad thing – to others – but I don’t really care. It’s just … something I’m still careful about, even though a lot of people have my number. I’m very careful. ^^

As far as my last night goes, I’m okay with sharing it… It doesn’t bother me as much as it used to.

Lol I never share my full name online. It’s just like a common sense thing to do. I know many people who go towards the professional do that but I fear it one day. Not that I’m ashamed of my last name’s origins ….

Haha I do not have a webcam! My laptop webcam doesn’t even work actually. Messenger always says I don’t have webcam installed even if I do technically have one on my laptop.

Online dating you usually end up with a pedofile from what I’ve heard. NOT COOL! That leads to your point about lying. Yeah it’s dangerous I guess because you never know. Even with pictures and videos.

I actually feel like I wasted my time more because I did nothing but work. The money I end up saving but I don’t exactly need it for anything right now.

Lol it wasn’t exactly sneaking out, I could just leave because I was the only one home. But yeah my mom needs to lighten up about me going places.

PO Boxes are expensive! Like $30 a month, I can’t afford it haha. I’ll survive my 3 months. Actually I can but like you said I’m saving my money for something bigger like an apartment … urgh that’s a touchy topic for me, I’ll say I’m saving my money for something big rather.