I’m here!

You’re probably annoyed by the scheduled posts or the fact that I haven’t returned comments. Long story short, I don’t really care if you’re upset with me. Feel free to be mad or whatever, because I really just don’t care. I have been working on a something for someone, and it’s been taking up most of my time. I’m also working on bringing back Lounge 11, the TCG[1. Trading Card Game; my acronyms plugin doesn’t work because it hates me.] I started however long ago it was (if that).

…There is also my e-mail getting spammed from some companies, and Stephanie helped me figure out how to do that!

Did I mention my brother wants a blog? Yeah, he wants a blog so he can blog and post his poetry and ask for girl advice and talk about Runescape and all those other things. Mhm. True story.

Onto other news, I’ve yet to grow out of this theme. Because of this such reason, chances of me changing it soon are I’m not going to jinx it. -.-

Anyway, this isn’t an apology entry. It’s just letting everyone know I’m alive and that I’m not neglecting them (you guys). I’ve read all of your comments, and I will get to them soon!

(I’ll also be posting again sometime this week with some PICTURES and descriptive text with informative – but also not so informative – text!)


It started raining again.

I’m gonna sleep GREAT tonight.

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Comments on this post

I cannot imagine why people would be irritated or angry with you…now on the other hand, can imagine why they would be irritated or angry with me. I am such a horrible website owner. :p

When you get Lounge 11 back up, I’d love to do it. I’ve been wanting to get into a TCG, but I’m not really sure how to start.

Runescape brings back some memories…my last boyfriend was obsessed with it. 😛 Probably the reason that he’s an ex?

😛 It won’t exactly be Lounge 11; it’s got a new name. But I will be posting it on here when I get it up. ^^

There’s still people playing Runescape these days? Can’t believe it’s still around. You don’t need to worry about returning comment, isn’t the end of the world if you don’t.

Man, I wish that I could be more like you and ignore the blogosphere for a while. I should stop procrastinating and write my essay now!

Also, we should all stalk your brother’s blog!

He’s still in the process of staying away from being ungrounded for whatever he does to get grounded, but when it’s up, I’ll be posting a link on here. 😛 Haha.

Hm… It was nice being away from the blogosphere for a while.