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Goodies Company shut down, which means my last box was in October. I really enjoyed receiving food goodies in my box each month; the food paid for itself and it was cheaper than having Graze be sent to me each week. Even though I’d eat all the food the day of the box’s delivery. But I did that with Graze, too, so no big deal. Anyways, after I did this fangirl-y-like cry over them, I checked out the Love With Food link in their email and sighed in relief.

But LWF is more expensive. And I have to pay for shipping! Goodies Company was $7 + $0 shipping.

lovewithfood-prices.jpg (1020×455)

Okay, so it’s not too bad, but considering their box is smaller than Goodies Company was and LWF is more expensive, I feel a bit confuzzled.

lovewithfood.jpg (1024×768)

In my box:

  • Authentic Indian Spice Blends (Asparagus, Okra, String Beans) from Arora Creations — Will make a great Christmas present for my dad.
  • Artisan Tea in Ginger Twist Tea from Mighty Leaf — Will make a great gift to Charan.
  • Almond, Apricot and Yoghurt Bar from Eat Natural — Whomever eats this will be able to decide how it tastes because #nutallergy. #foodallergyproblems (It’s a real hashtag.~)
  • Maple Fudge from Laura Secord — Extremely sweet; half that 1-oz. package would be more than enough. I guess that’s the point? Anyway, it was delicious, and I thought I was done with fudge. I never knew fudge + maple syrup = a possibility!
  • Sweet Corn Crunch from Sensible Foods — I’m quite disappointed. -.- I opened this, held it up to my mouth, and got nothing. I ate them all. They’re not like those popped popcorn kernels that are crunchy; these actually melt in your mouth and have a flavor and I need to find them in stores because I think they’re my new allergy-free snack!
  • Sweet Potato popchips from popchips — These are just the right amount of sweet and salty! At first they sort of tasted like Sweet Potato Pie.[1. sweet potatoes on bottom + marshmallows on top + bake until marshmallows are golden + I hope you’re reading these PLUS signs as PLUS.]
  • Rosemary Sea Salt Shortbread from Dancing Deer Baking Co. — I think half the expectation of these cookies’ taste comes from their smell. The rosemary smells extremely strong. I’m not sure what pink sea salt tastes like — my first hypothesis was pink lemonade. xD They’re good though; I can taste a hint of shortbread. After researching the taste of pink salt, I found a flavor that matches the most: floral/lavender. It’s a nice combination, and it’s something different if that’s what you like.
  • Tuxedo Popcorn from Kukuruza — Caramel popcorn with milk and white chocolate. The combination of the two chocolates was nice, but the popcorn overall was too sweet.
  • Green & Black’s Organic, Dark 70% Chocolate — It came in a nice chocolatey-brown pouch with a coupon that expires April 2014. Can you say Christmas present?! The pouch contains two 0.53-oz. chocolates. That’s 1.06 oz of chocolate. I’m not being cheap I’m being resourceful. And this chocolate looks like the kind you’d find at a fancy resort or a spa. And it’s organic. Kim won’t know how I got it. xD

So I got nine items in this box. Most, if not all, products were organic. I guess it’s not too bad. This subscription box will just be another sporadic box, like Graze. 🙂 Each LWF box equals one meal donated. The boxes contain eight or more healthy items, and you also earn points you can use in their shop. Their shop contains items in bulk and, if I perceived it correctly, shipping is free [to you].

Maybe it’s not more expensive quantity- and quality-wise.

It may be useful for me to mention that I wrote this review as I went through my box. I wrote this review in a day. Of course I ate the box in a day! What did you expect?!

I taste that cookie in my hiccups. The rosemary. It’s like I’m still eating it! :O

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[…] really like how their boxes have been more diverse, of the two I’ve received since last year. I fell in love with Love With Food after Goodies.co shut down, so this subscription box kinda means a lot to me. […]

That doors look yummy! And there will be a lot more maple candy (with and without fudge) if you move northeast, especially if you go all the way to New Hampshire and Vermont, where I grew up.

I wonder if eating more organic foods will help you with your health in some way. But I wouldn’t actually know.

I’ve eaten organically before; it doesn’t really do anything but make me have to watch how much sugar I take in and make sure I eat candy ever so often, more often than now.

That is definitely a lot of food in that box you received (but a bummer that the site and company shut down, too, though). That maple syrup and fudge sounds heavenly!!

That is a bummer that the other website/company thing closed down. At least there is some kind of alternative. But you had to eat it all in a day, for the review. ;D

I also love this layout Georgie made for you. :*

I didn’t have to review it. xD

Wow!! You sure do get a lot of things in those boxes. I think I’m the only blogger who hasn’t gotten a monthly box of some sort. Those shortbread cookies sounds interesting! I like the salty/sweet combo, so the tuxedo popcorn would also pique my interest!

To be honest, I started with Graze and wanted more after that. I’m also trying out Ipsy now. I have an addiction. 😡