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I’m disappointed in an online company people around me talk so highly of. I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed this much in a company I’ve seen many other bloggers talk about.

After receiving an offer from Swagbucks that allowed me to receive my first box free and only pay for shipping and handling ($3.99), I figured I’d finally give one of these beauty boxes so many bloggers often talked and posted about a try. I took the style quiz and received the “‘It’ Girl” results. I paid for my box and waited.

Like a kid on Christmas morning who can’t wait to open her presents from Santa, I couldn’t wait to open my Julep box simply because it was a box o’ goodies, and I liked boxes o’ goodies, which can be proven by my now-discontinued monthly Goodies Company subscription and my currently sporadic Graze box subscription.

I used the purple nail polish the first day. It was kind of lighter than I expected, so I soon took it off. Then I used the silver shade the next night. Or day. I don’t remember. Anyway, I was going to see if Grandmama could paint my right hand the next day, but I realized that my nails were already starting to lose the polish. Sure, I showered, but my nails had already dried before I did. And the cheapo nail polish I’m used to never chipped in the shower. Even washing my hands caused this polish to chip. I know I bite my nails, but I wasn’t even biting my nails when this polish chipped.

I haven’t tried the glittery shade, but I’m not sure if I’m going to anytime soon. I also received a foot scrub sample thing which only worked for half my foot and felt like a less intense version of that relaxing foot cooling spray that can be found at Walmart or Bath & Body Works.

Yesterday I canceled, then started to write this post. Although it was obviously secure enough for me to input credit cards into text fields on their website, it wasn’t considered secure enough for me to delete credit cards or press a cancellation button on their website — I had to make sure I called during their business hours to do so.

If you’re going to have an online-based company, make damn sure that your customers don’t have to rely on your business hours in order to get a hold of you and do things on their account that they could really do themselves. How is it any less secure to allow clients to delete credit cards from their account or press a button to cancel their subscription altogether than it is to skip months and add credit cards from their account portal?

All in all, their security logic contradicts itself in ways I never imagined logic could. I feel like they make it so difficult for these things so others will be less likely to opt out. The price is too high for the nail polish, or the nail polish’s quality is too low for the high price. They’re like the online version of AVON’s nail polish — which is crappy and chips easily, and no AVON rep will likely tell you that until they are no longer an AVON rep (like me)… Honestly, I couldn’t tell you the difference if I’d been given nail polish without brand labels. I actually had to remind myself that I was using Julep’s nail polish and not AVON’s. I think AVON’s may also last a few days longer…

  • With AVON, you have to reapply every four to five days.
  • With Julep, it starts chipping after the first time soap hits your hands.

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Comments on this post

Wow! That is some rip off you had going there. I rarely use nail polish as it is but chipping on the first day would cause me to never wear it. I wash my hands a lot because I have the bladder the size of a peanut so I have to go at least 6 times a day, if not more.

The reason they make you call them to cancel it is because of how inconvenient it is for their customers. They will get more people that stay because they can’t or forget to call them than people who stay because of their products, obviously. That is sad though.

I’ve never heard of these guys before but I’ll be avoiding them like the plague. What shit service.

Thank you for your comment, by the way, about NaNoWrimo! It’s very true, of course. Finishing is all well and good but there’s much more to it.

Take care! xx

I did not know that such goody boxes existed! I find them fascinating.

My guess is that the “call to cancel” policy actually has nothing to do with internet security and everything to do with making it hard to unsubscribe. AOL did the same thing in the mid 2000s.

I really like the nail polish, though I usually do two coats and then a clear/matte top coat.
It really bothered me that I had to call to cancel, too.. though, I only had to pay a cent for my first box, which is what got me hooked 😉 Their glitter polishes are awesome.

Thank you for this straightforward, honest review. Whenever I have happened to read one of these Julep posts, people usually just gush about how awwwwesome they are.

I guess it just goes to show which are paid and which are not. Even if I was paid, though, I would only gush if it were honest. Because I can separate myself. :p