Latest pictures of Todd (Thanksgiving 2013)

There’s not really much to talk about for Thanksgiving, so I’m just going to post the pictures I took. I guess you could say this is picture-heavy even though I’ve compressed them all in size quite a lot. (Okay, except for the collage.)

First row: Mint Chocolate Chip Frappuccino from Starbucks[1. Green tea frapp base, 1-4 scoops java chips, 1-4 peppermint syrup pumps; ask for less green tea powder if needed!], Bebe’s cat, my mom & lard’s dog (Jackson), Todd
Second row: Tree, Todd
Third row: Goats, miniature horse, more Todd
My phone’s camera is hit-and-miss with good photos, but at times it was more convenient than my camera to have with me.

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Comments on this post

I think you did a great job of compressing them anyway. Sure beat me putting 80-odd photos in posts sometimes. 😛 I really love the collage.

Where was the goats and the mini horse pictures taken? I love mini horses. It’s definitely easier to have a phone with you than a camera, when I do the pat it’s something I always look for, if I don’t have that then there’s something missing.

They were taken at my grandmother’s.

Oh, how adorable!

Haha, such a cutie. I love cats, but I’m badly allergic so I’ll probably never have my own. They’re totally awesome though…

I love that Todd’s nose and chin look like he just dipped himself into a bowl of milk:~)

My favorite picture is Todd rubbing against the table with the phone on it. It’s like he’s saying, “Aw, come on Liz, let me make ONE call.” :~) I know silly me, but it is the new year.

Oh, and that reminds me….Happy new year!

Todd looks like such a cutie. I wish I had a cat, but I’m also super happy that it seems like you’re happy with yours? :3

Also, mint chocolate chip frap–yum!

He doesn’t live with me. 🙁

Awwwe! :3 I love Todd, he’s adorable. I love his stripes… it really gives him character and he looks so loving!