lazy sunday

Today was a lazy day. I did a few loads of laundry and worked on Lounge 11, but other than that, it was rather lazy.

Carrie and Pat were out playing with the Spring Break Kids[1. Kids from down the street; they live with their dad and visit their mom every other weekend. Spring Break Kids is a nickname I have given to all of them since last year around Spring Break, which is when we met them.], Isaac played on the computer almost the entire day[2. Actually, my mom made him get off for a bit, and he watched TV a bit today.], and the rest of us – Lard, my mom and myself – were off in other parts of the house on our laptops.

I actually kind of enjoyed doing nothing but switching out the clothes and playing on my junky, bulky laptop today.


  1. What day of the week would you choose to be lazy on?
  2. Which day of the week is your favorite?
  3. What time is it right now? (Answer this one right before you hit submit!)
  4. What do you enjoy doing on lazy days?
  5. Describe your mood in one word:
  6. Link me to a blog that you read frequently and tell me why you enjoy reading it, please? I might check it out and see if it interests me. πŸ˜›

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[…] lazy sunday – To add emphasis to the lazy part, I didn’t capitalize the title at all. I was going to, and I kept going back and forth as I wrote out the entry as to whether the title should still be capitalized or not. I finally decided not to… Did any of you infer that I was doing this for emphasis? Or maybe you didn’t notice this at all. […]

Lazy Sundays are the best. Hehe. Or basically lazy weekends! As long as you get to rest and all, that’s always good.

What day of the week would you choose to be lazy on? Any day of the week, I guess :p
Which day of the week is your favorite? Friday?
What time is it right now? 1:21AM
What do you enjoy doing on lazy days? Just lying around, surfing the internet, tweeting or possibly malling?
Describe your mood in one word: MEH.
Link me to a blog that you read frequently and tell me why you enjoy reading it, please? I might check it out and see if it interests me. — Haven’t been bloghopping that much, been busy thinking of ways to make my own blog more interesting :p

Hey, Liz…

My preferred lazy day is Saturday. I like to do nothing on this day. I’m not sure why this is the day, but it is. I don’t I have a favorite day of the week. On lazy days, I like to sit outside on my porch and read. I’m a big reader and frequent my local library. I don’t like reading on-line, but that’s probably due to my age. I like to feel the books and see the print.

My mood today is reflective. I’m returning from a break and so, I’m sort of that in-between place — getting back into my regular activities.

Here’s my link, This is Hilary’s site. I like it because Hilary always teaches me something new. She likes to talk about the history of different things and I enjoy learning from her.

I hope your summer is going well:~)

@Sara, I don’t enjoy all of these books-to-technology thing, either. Personally, I’d rather have 100 books on bookshelves than have a computer to store them all, or be able to print out the pages when desired… There’s just something about that new book smell that I love and cannot get enough of! πŸ™‚

Thanks for sharing the link!

My summer is going pretty good… I’ve taken a lot of blogging breaks, and I’m also allowing guest bloggers. So far I have one. I should post a blog about it soon, with details and such, because hardly anyone knows about it. πŸ˜›

I hope yours is going great as well! πŸ™‚

Hey, Liz…

There’s nothing wrong with being lazy sometimes! πŸ™‚ Being lazy is good once in a while!

1) Um… I’m not sure which day of the week I would chose to be lazy on. lol Any day is fine I guess. lol
2) Favorite day of the week… A year ago I would have said Friday, but now I’m not really sure. I like all of the days of week I guess. Except Sunday. I hate Sundays. >.< I guess I really Saturdays and Fridays? I guess? lol
3) 6:54 am
4) I'm not sure. I haven't had a lazy day in years. So I don't know or remember what I like to do on lazy days.
5) mood: blank
6) the site belongs to my friend. i just went to visit for no apparent reason. lol i guess i went to see if she's updated lately.

I guess that's everything! :3

@Jennifer, Haha, Saturdays tend to be my busiest, so I don’t really like them as much. >.<

I feel the most lazy between Monday-Friday. Ironically I’m really energetic and motivated to work in the weekends. I like Mondays for some reason. It feels like everything that are going to happen are GOING to happen you know? If it’s Sunday it feels like it’s an eternity. I enjoy laying in bed with my laptop warming my tummy and watch series. Or read. Or play on my DS.

I’m feeling HUNGRY.

As for blogs I tend to frequent CuteOverload more than any other blogs. I just really like animals. Brightens my day on the spot.

ATM the clock is 21:08 πŸ˜€

Haha…I love being lazy on weekends doing nothing much but either catching up on my anime/dramas or just playing video games.

  1. I mostly choose to be really lazy on Sunday. Although I spend my weekend pretty much lazing around I am more lenient with myself on Sunday because I know that I have to work the next day T_T

  2. I love both Saturdays and Sundays equally!!! But if I had to pick one, I would say Sat because I can stay up as late as I want without worrying about the next day. Friday is similar but I get only later half of the day to do my stuff lol.

  3. 11:38 am in VT, USA.

  4. I answered this already lol…but yeah I will do the above or I will hangout with friends. If the weather is good I also enjoy biking but that is contradictory to lazy days right πŸ˜‰

  5. Right now I am – nonchalant.

  6. A blog that I like reading quite frequently is allkpop. But in terms of my blog buddies I like Kris because we seem to share a lot of common interests and so a lot of times we end up conversing via our blogs.

  1. Friday, definately! It’s my one day off from work and university, so I relish that day in bed watcing DVD’s!!!
  2. My favourite day of the week is Saturday afternoon, because work is finished πŸ˜›
  3. The time is 11.55pm
  4. I enjoy sitting on the couch with my boyfriend and watching whatever tv/movie we are obsessed with at that point in time πŸ™‚
  5. Fatigued
  6. I like reading it because she is an affiliate of mine, and frequently blogs! πŸ™‚

@Danielle, Haha, I don’t work, but I have found Saturday to be one of the busiest days for me. πŸ™ Sundays have pretty much always been my much enjoyed, lazy days. πŸ™‚ I actually enjoy being alone, and even if I had a boyfriend, I would probably rather spend my time without him on that day, haha. It’s sort of … my relaxing day. πŸ˜›

Hey, Liz…

I should have done laundry yesterday too. I just didn’t feel like it, and still don’t. But I think I really should get up and do some today.

I choose to be lazy almost every day lol. I think the best day to be lazy is a day off after working a bunch of days in a row.

I don’t think I have a favorite day of the week. Maybe Saturdays because if I’m not working that night I can stay up late because the earliest I would have to work the next day would be 12pm.

Right now the time is 9:18am.

On lazy days I love to play The Sims 3.

My mood is pretty apathetic most of the time, which I don’t like. is a pretty good blog to read.

Answers to questions:

1) Sunday – I’m getting ready for working hard on Monday
2) Saturday – My boyfriend comes to see me and we have some sort of date/good time together.
3) 11:45 PM. I’m know that I need to sleep more.
4) Playing video games. Maybe reading a couple books…
5) Bouncy. I’m usually bouncy. Makes life more fun.
6) I’m pretty sure that you already know of all the personal blogs that I follow. If you’re into politics, then I recommend Five Thirty-Eight because I can’t tell whether the writer is actually liberal or conservative.