Life Update #1

Whilst looking through my old posts (just for kicks, really), I came across a few posts that contained things you guys deserve to be updated on. I think I honestly love that I started anew on my blog, because I don’t really have embarrassing posts anymore. When I was obviously mentally unstable to the point that it made me look immature, it was embarrassing. I don’t really know how to explain. However, I made a rule for myself: never blog when feeling upset; save it as a DRAFT to read it LATER, which I hope will help me to avoid posting anything I’ll regret later.

These are all from last year. At the end of this year, perhaps I’ll be able to do something like this again. We’ll see. :p

  1. I realized today that I lack a post titled “Life Update #1”, or any number afterward. With my life updates tag, I really wanted to start doing this for some kind of organization. Starting anew on my blog is highly concentrated on the lack of organization I previously had with my blogs, no matter how many domain names I blogged on. Fifteen entries tagged under life updates later, here is #1.
  2. I actually scratched NaNoWriMo. It’s complicated, but I did. I scheduled a post that I wrote a week or so that explains why I did so. Stephanie made an adequate point on progress, though.
  3. My attempt at going by Liz(a) offline quickly didn’t work. Only Charan has actually stuck to it to some extent. I don’t know how to make the switch without being a complete witch. I’m really hoping that once I find a therapist in the area[1. Stop freaking asking about this. I cannot find one on my own due to technical difficulties, so I have to rely on Kimily/my dad.] that she will help me figure out how to make the switch without being a witch.
  4. In hopes of explaining how I feel about various things, I sometimes send people to my blog. I hate having to continuously reexplain crap to others. Unfortunately, sometimes it backfires and I shouldn’t have sent them to said post, because even if I send them the links to posts on what not to say, they only end up reading one and totally forgetting about the other for whatever reason it may be, yet they read your about page[2. I changed it recently, thus the text is no longer available for seeing.] that includes why you blog, and email you back stating shit they inferred about how it’s abnormal and don’t care that it makes them appear completely ignorant.
  5. I learned that when people say they are non-judgmental that they really are, no matter the case. I think this is why I despise people.
  6. Soon after the #3 and #4 things happened, I received a hurtful talk about how I’m dwelling. This inspired my irrelevant reply post.
  7. I’m actually working on a hack for MyTCG that allows TCG owners to post updates via their MyTCG admin panel using the same database rather than having to use Cutenews. It’s a bit more complicated than it seems, because MyTCG can get to be a bit tricky and complicated and just make you want to scream.
  8. Somehow I easily wrote blog a list of things to blog about after purchasing a composition notebook yesterday and keeping it nearby. I encourage it you have trouble with what you want to blog about. My previous post on blogging ideas is crap. I don’t recommend reading it.

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Comments on this post

This was really cool to read! Great advice on never blogging upset, though!

“never blog when feeling upset; save it as a DRAFT to read it LATER…”

From personal experiences, I’ve learned NEVER to blog (or maybe even tweet) LATE AT NIGHT. I’m not sure if it applies to everybody else, but there is something about the night time that makes me become more blunt and honest to a point where I might come off rude and moody. It’s weird. And then I’ll wake up in the morning and instantly regret it.

EVERYBODY is judgmental, some more than other’s. But I instantly roll my eyes as soon as I hear someone who claims to be “non-judgmental.” Ha.

Ugh, agreed – the people who claim to be tolerant, open-minded, and judgemental are usually the very ones who aren’t.