Life Update #10

Whilst I’m not exactly sure when, I fell behind on comments as this year started to end — probably around October, and definitely around November. I didn’t realize how many blogs I read until I put them all into a list and fixed up my links page, either, which kind of made me feel rather overwhelmed.

Shit happens, ya know?

Around mid-November, my filling came out, thus revealing my unfinished and four and a half-year old root canal tooth victim to all things that went in my mouth. Turns out it was decayed and that I needed it removed. From the week before Thanksgiving to the second week of December, heavy pain relievers (e.g. hydrocodone) were my thing. I suppose I’m lucky because I don’t get addicted to pain pills.

After it was pulled, a lot of time was spent with me feeling as if it would never end. My temperature hit 98.9°F on the 7th, bouncing between that and a 99°F temperature. Contrary to what general society says, my normal body temperature really is at 96 and 97 degrees Fahrenheit, with any and everything above leaving me feel as if I have the flu. Usually, it’s all downhill afterward. Apparently I’d passed the time for a tooth extraction infection — meaning I freaked out on my blog for nothing. …Or did I?

Last week I suffered from a feeling very similar in comparison to the reaction I get when I eat something with nuts, like a Snickers bar, or am around cedar/pine trees: I was wheezing, my throat was swelling up, and I couldn’t breathe. Thankfully, my inhaler worked after I used it three times, but I was terrified I’d need to use one of my two EpiPens, which would require me to then go to the hospital. Once I could breathe, I looked inside my mouth to see what could have been the cause, if anything, since I didn’t understand what was happening. After some research on an ulcer-filled mouth paired with a difficulty breathing, I self-diagnosed myself with oral thrush, especially since my mouth matched the pictures. This all happened after I developed a high fever — from 98.9°F to 102.6°F — in a matter of six to eight hours the day before, with it rising per thirty minutes by .2 degrees. My mouth was in pure agony, and it burned.

Slowly, but surely, my mouth is healing. I’m annoyed and frustrated, however, because it was never mentioned that I wouldn’t be able to eat normally for this long of a time, nor was it mentioned that it would take almost a month to heal. I’m hoping I’ll be able to eat normally this Saturday when the family (dad’s side) gets together for Christmas since the food’s the best part and eating right now is so difficult and embarrassing and requires multiple trips to the bathroom to check the open socket for food particles. I need it to close just enough that I can’t see inside it.

I still haven’t blogged about my Thanksgiving break, so maybe I’ll leave that for when I go back to visit Mimi and Bebe and them for Christmas. I mean, I could at least post the photos from Thanksgiving; the wordy details aren’t always needed.

Anyways, I’ve put some time into commenting again, if anyone’s noticed. I’m easily distracted, though, so when I visit one blog and see a name I don’t recognize, I click it and discover someone new. That process carries on until I’m bored, then I go back to my list.

Kya has started this site called Blog Matter, which is a blog and commenting directory. I really like it because it’s like a little commenting train/spree thing that happens weekly. You receive three blogs to comment on and three bloggers that are expected to comment you, and you have seven days to do so. (Don’t worry, it isn’t called The Ring!) The comments have to be meaningful, though — that’s my favorite part!

Soon I’ll be caught up enough to be able to comment back as they come again. I’m looking forward to that. 😛

(I’m also looking forward to eating pizza — maybe making a homemade lasagna and satisfying my slight craving for my enchiladas — as well as cheddar popcorn and peppermint candy canes once the socket closes up.)

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Going to the dentist is the bane of my life. I’ve had several teeth out, some fillings-that-weren’t-fillings (they were filling the gaps between my gums and my teeth, rather than the tooth)… and God, they always ask you questions when they have stuff in your mouth. –__–

I’m so sorry to hear about your infection 🙁 I hope you get better soon! Everyone needs to eat Christmas dinner. As you say, best part of Christmas, hands down.

Take care! xx

Aw, what a miserable time you’ve had, Liz. I’m praying for your health and get well soon! My mom always said that, “Always follow everything that your doctor said, by then you’re going to be heal quicker,”.

Meh, doctors don’t really ever take me seriously. :p

Dang, that’s pretty serious. It’s good that things are starting to heal up [hopefully] in time for the family gathering, thereby permitting you to eat normally again. The frustration is definitely understandable. Not to mention, the reactions matched that of a severe allergic reaction…which reminds me of one of my close relatives who – also allergic to nuts – accidentally ate something that was contaminated with nuts. The gradual swelling was pretty obvious, we almost had to administer an EpiPen a rush him to ER. In a foreign country. Not fun at all. Thankfully the locals were nice enough to help out to the point where the reaction died down.

In response to your question, I plan on joining the Navy for many reasons. It’s not an infantry-heavy branch, has the 2nd highest promotion rate [Army being the first, but it’s more infantry-oriented…], “guarantees” me to travel/work in various parts of the world, aaand has the highest acceptable weight limit for a given height. 😛 Not to mention, Navy’s the only branch that offers to pay me to complete my Masters degree. It was an easy decision.

Ah, I see. A former classmate of mine and her now-ex-husband were in the Navy. 🙂 Once they both finished, they married and had a baby. They soon divorced ’cause he’s a jerk, but anyways. (Now I’m rambling, heh.)

I absolutely hate going to the dentist. So much so that I actually haven’t been in years. I know I need to, but I just know that something is going to be wrong. I’m not looking forward to it and I keep psyching myself out of going. I do hope that you are feeling better. At least it’s done and over with.

I’m trying to get better at following up on comments. I used to be horrible at it! But I’m slowly but surely learning how to keep track of comments. I’m doing much better than I used to. 😀 That being said, Blog Matter, looks very interesting. I’ll definitely have to check it out.