Life Update #15

I recently cleaned malware that downloaded as a virus during one of the early February Chrome updates, and I was going to blog about it, but I just don’t care to anymore. It caused a lot of stress, and I was too paranoid to go into email or blogging-related things, because I didn’t want to have to spend time cleaning malware off the server if I could easily avoid it. As a result of the malware, I didn’t get to finish the story I was working on, so I suppose that will just be posted as a later date, like when I can finish it. :p

The weather has been cold in DFW, Texas lately, so I’ve not been out much.

More recently, I applied to become a Media & Creative Team member (basically a blog gig), and I think it’ll be good even if I’m rejected, because isn’t the first application always the hardest? I think it is, anyway. Tomorrow evening, I’m going with Charlise to a media preview, so that will be fun. 🙂 The weather is supposed to get a bit better tomorrow, at least enough to go to the preview, so it should go well, and I’m looking forward to it.

I don’t really have anything else interesting to share, unless you find drinking one gallon of water a day interesting. I discovered that my daily water intake is at least a gallon. It’s pretty weird, but before you, like many others, ask me: Yes, if I have a soda, I do typically still drink about a gallon of water a day. If only doctors cared to hear about patients’ water habits before bashing them for drinking soda. Like, I’m pretty sure you’re not a Saint, either; you probably eat a whole box of chocolates in one sitting sometimes, too. Pft.

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Out of mild curiosity, what’s cold in DFW? It’s been in the teens where I live. 😀

I hope that you get the job – it sounds like something you’d be really good at.

I need to start drinking more water…I’ve basically cut out soda. But I just really dislike the taste of water. And is there something wrong with eating a whole box of chocolates in one sitting?! 😛

The coldness question’s hard for me to answer… you have the big babies, who get cold in 70°F weather; the babies, who get cold in 60°F weather; and myself, who doesn’t get cold until the wind chill or temperature (whichever comes first) is at, like, 13°F? I don’t get cold easily… I go out in the snow in my boots, because I hate when my feet get cold (plus I am paranoid about them getting too icy, IDK… I watch too much House, M.D., Grey’s Anatomy and horror films), and shorts. Sometimes I’ll also wear a sweater, but meh. Probably not.

Thanks! I hope I do, too.<3

Haha, I like water when it’s cold enough. If it’s too warm, it tastes yucky. 🙁 I don’t know. o.O I don’t like chocolate. But what I meant by that line was that I highly doubt doctors actually practice what they preach… if they had to completely cut soda, candy, etc. out of their diet, I don’t think it would be as easy as they act like it would be.

Soda gets a lot of unnecessary hate, as does pasta. I don’t understand people who dump lots of sugar into their coffee and eat a donut, then say that soda is bad.

Exactly! And I eat pasta a lot, and it doesn’t go to my hips, as people claim it will? I also eat a lot of pizza… And there’s also organic soda and homemade soda, and they’re actually healthier versions of soda, but people claim that any and all soda is bad.

I don’t understand the people who are always following diet plans and talking about how much they work, because at the end of it, they gain all that weight back, and they feel ten times worse, and it doesn’t make sense.

It’s a lifestyle change, and blah. I could rant about it forever. :s