Life Update #19

I’m currently dealing with an annoying cold, possibly courtesy of me spending last weekend at the expo, which had loads of people and their kids, and I also broke my rotation diet to allow myself to try more foods than what I’d like, thus… eh. I’m just eh. I got the humidifier set up yesterday and have since made progress on getting rid of this. I endured the disgustingness that is drinking hot chocolate[1. I’m not a huge fan of chocolate.], which was, for some reason, the only thing I could actually taste in its entirety yesterday.

I’m also taking meds—half a 25mg antihistamine tablet, plus one 200mg ibuprofen—every four hours, though I’m cutting back on the ibuprofen, because I finally maintained a 99-100ºF temperature today. 😀 And also, I’m really tired of medicine. I’ve also gotten extremely fed up with throat drops, so I can barely look at them now. >.>

It’s hard to imagine my former ability to put up with this crap on a daily basis—i.e. before I was diagnosed with all of my allergies—because this is an extremely miserable feeling, and though I’m currently sporting a temperature over 100 (ºF), I feel like I can finally do more than continue to watch whatever this annoyance The Disney Channel has become—minus Liv & Maddie, which is addictive and cute. When Diggy dumped Maddie and Maddie cried, I cried with her.

(Clearly this cold needs to be stopped.)

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Evil cold. I hope you get over it really soon!