Life Update #3

Number of hospital visits this year thus far: 1

I didn’t include everything in my previous post. The pain began that day, and hasn’t left. I thought it was just cramps, even though it isn’t “time”, and even though they kept getting worse. I shrugged it off like it was nothing. Yesterday after church, Bri and I went to the movies. I had pain again, but I kept thinking that it was just my back/really bad stomach cramps. I shrugged it off again.

When Grandmama took me to get my allergy shot today, I started having pain in my right side and down to my back. It wasn’t like the ovarian cysts I’ve had, as those are typically like amplified cramps and not stationed in the back/on the muscles you use to sit down and sit, etc. Thus, I sat leaning over in the chair in the waiting room with my hands over my eyes, and the back of my hands over my knees. Hurting, tired, feeling sick.

And then I was called in, and after S[1. My wonderful allergy doctor. Really takes care of me well. :)] and Grandmama scheduled my appointment for a day next week (since it was different and going to be around the same time as Papa goes in), G’mama went back into the waiting room, and S asked me how I was doing.

To be honest, my back and side hurt so much that I didn’t know what was going on. I also felt sick, as walking into her room/office made me feel like vomiting. So I told her. I told her because I was in pain, my head was spinning, and I was freaking out! Two doctors of their four doctors were out (including mine), so I got to lay in S’s patient room whilst I waited. She gave me an ice pack and notified Grandmama, who came into the room and waited with me. I had to use the restroom, and since they were planning on a urine sample anyway, I decided it was convenient for them. Once I returned to the room and got situated on the bed again, the nurse for the doctor who could work me into her schedule came in and told me I needed to move to room fourteen. THIS ROOM WAS RIGHT NEAR THE BATHROOM.

Walking to Room 14 was hell, and my back was on fire. I don’t understand what it is about being in pain and feeling like complete shit, but my hair was absolutely horrendous. From that point, if you follow me on Twitter, you know where I was sent.

And that, ladies and gents, is how my Monday went. How did yours go? Personally, mine’s not as bad as it was earlier today. 800mg Motrin definitely has something to do with that.

Another plus is that I got to see my dad today. Judging by when he got there, he literally left as soon as he got my text message stating that I was on my way to the ER. Although he didn’t have to, it was still nice that he went there. I played the full version of Water? on his iPad, which really helped me to pass the time (and helped get my mind off of the pain). I love my dad; I’m a daddy’s girl. 😉

It’s a kidney stone, and it’s supposed to be able to pass on its own. I also have to follow up with a urologist to discuss how to prevent them, etc. I’m betting that the week I spent drinking mostly sodas is the cause of this. 😡


On an unrelated note, Cami did my 6 Sticks meme. Since things happened (pain, exhaustion, etc.), I was unable to do it.

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Nasty things them stones. I was in the Er and the guy in the room next to me was crying…he had kidney stones. They make a grown man cry.

There was someone about two sections down from me who had a kidney stone as well. Maybe this is the year of the kidney stones, because my dad just previously had one as well. Blah.


Oh, I do know you felt. Well, more or less. I have suffered from kidney stones and they can be very painful.

Your stone must have been small enough for them to know you’d pass it, which is good. I bet you were told to drink tons of WATER:~) “Drink water until you float” was my urologist’s favorite saying. It also helps to put a small amount of lemon juice in your water, if you stand it.

Unfortunately for me, mine didn’t give me warnings and I had to have the shock wave treatment. It wasn’t so bad, however.

Take good care of yourself and remember drink water:~)

I’m so sorry to hear about your kidney stone. I’ve never had to suffer from one but my friend gets them all the time and so does my little cousin who described it as “someone ripping your peepee,” Ahh…the wisdom of 7 year old boys, huh? Seriously though, I hope you feel better. I remember hearing that stones can relate to stress, too. = If I hit the lotto you’re going on a vacation to relax. =D *hugs*

PS = I’m so glad that you have a doctor that takes such great care of you. It’s a good feeling to know you have someone in your corner in terms of your health!

How awful and scary!! My friend had kidney stones and she said it was the worst pain she’s ever experienced in her life. I’m so sorry you went through that. I hope you’re recovering okay and taking good care of yourself.


I hope you get better soon! I’ve never had a kidney stone, but I hope it passes soon. *hugs* I hope your week has improved since Monday — I had a crummy start to the week but it’s looking much better now.

Kidney stone? I think I heard of it before .. but I thought it was on a dog or cat or something… -looks up on wikipedia- ow! That sounds really painful. I hope you feel better soon 🙂 Do you still have alot of pain?

@Denise, Not as much pain? I mean, the strong Motrin has been really helping out a lot.

I don’t even want to imagine what a kidney stone feels like. One summer I was in the country alone and I got these weird, excruciating pains in my abdomen area. The doctors weren’t sure if it was an ovarian cyst (they thought unlikely) or maybe my spleen… they basically said to me I can opt for surgery to find out or wait til something bad happens. I mean, what the hell?! To this day, I still don’t know what it was, it went away after a week or two, but it was so so so awful. So I hope you get better ASAP!

If it was after your period, it was probably an ovarian cyst. 🙂 Which… that’s not fun. 🙁

Feel better soon! At least it’s small! I hear that doctors can now laser out kidney stones if need be these days, but I could be wrong. I’ve heard of one kidney stone case that was caused by eating too much ice cream. Let’s hope that whatever you have to give up, that it won’t be too hard to give it up!

I have no idea how birth or kidney stones feel, but I’m glad that you don’t have one of the giant spiky ones!

They said it could be that I was so dehydrated/not drinking much water. I don’t completely give things up. 😡

Oh, creeps, they say kidney stones are the men’s version of giving birth to babies…
My husband used to have kidney stones and says he thinks it was because he drank a lot of Coke. I can’t see a reason why soda would cause kidney stones though.. and he drinks lots of Coke now as well and doesn’t have kidney stones. I hope you will get some good advice.

Kidney stones apparently rank higher on the pain scale than birth does. 😡 And I’m saying sodas, because they can be caused by the lack of water. :/

Oh my goodness! That sounds awful, I’ve heard that it is incredibly painful for them pass. Hopefully you can take it easy and try and relax as much as you can until that happens! I hope you feel better 🙂

I feel your pain. Literally. I had a 2mm kidney stone about 8 years ago. It was TERRIBLE. My boyfriend currently has one that is 6mm around and 11mm long (about the same as a .22 bullet). He currently has a stent in his body and we are going Thursday to see about having it (and the stone) removed. This is his fourth, but it’s FINALLY made him give up soda. I definitely suggest lots and LOTS of water. I hope you feel better soon!

I’m drinking a lot of water, and I have been for the past few days. 😡 Blah. I guess it doesn’t help that sodas contain ingredients I’m allergic to, huh? 🙁 Mine is 4mm. I can’t believe something SO small can hurt SO much!

I remember witnessing my boyfriend experience a kidney stone… It looked like a painful experience! He couldn’t even walk because his lower back was killing him. Have a speedy recovery, Liza! And I am glad the stone is small enough to be passed through. You’re probably going to need some painkillers!